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Difference Between Intermittent And Continuous Production System

The system depends on a number of factors viz. policies of the organization, types of production, size of production etc. However, the production method, its organization and operations differ from company to company. Intermittent (Job and batch) systems produce items only when orders are received. During slack periods when there is no or very little demand, workers are likely to be sacked. Thus, there is less job security in Intermittent (Job-batch) production systems. In Continuous (mass and process) system, items are manufactured for stock and so production is continuous. Due to this there is more job-security for workers. Let have a look on the Difference Between Intermittent And Continuous Production System.

Difference Between Intermittent And Continuous Production System

Following are point-wise differences between Intermittent and Continuous manufacturing systems

Intermittent Production System
Continuous Production System
Same product is not produced continuously.
Same product produced continuously
Items produced for order
Items produced for stock
Production process flexible
Process not flexible
Equipment used for limited time
Regular use of equipment
Wide range of products can be manufactured
Only particular type of product is produced
Smaller scale of production
Large scale production
Planning and control operations complicated and tedious
Planning and control operations simple and easy
More detailed and too many instructions are required for operations
Single set of instructions are sufficient for operations
Capital investment may be low
Capital investment is high

Per unit cost of production is high
Per unit cost of production is low

Less security of jobs
More security of jobs

Function type of organization
Divisional type of organization

Requires staff of high technical skill and ability
Requires more managerial capability and better coordination
Control not ‘in line’ of production
Control in line’ of production
Storage is required at each operation
Storage required only at limited locations
Change in location easy
Change in location difficult
Product and the process not standardized
Product and process standardized

Accuracy low
Accuracy high

There may be organizations which may use a combination of both the systems at various stages of the production process.

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