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What Are The Different States Of Matter

Matter is defined as something that has weight, occupies some space, can be sensed and resists forces applied to it. Chairs, tables, beds, almirahs, blankets, soil, water, air, stone, milk, oil etc. are examples of matter. All matters are made of atoms and these atoms are indivisible. Different materials have different properties. The reason is different materials are made of different types of atoms. All matter is made up of very tiny particles called atoms. A group of two or more atoms is called a molecule. A matter is composed …

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What Are The Different Forms Of Energy

Energy is the ability to do things. Energy is used in everything we do. There are many different forms of energy. They are discussed below. i. Electrical energy: The energy that is used to run the electrical appliances like. TV, radio. light bulb is called electrical energy. Sources of electrical energy are, national power grid. battery etc. ii. Mechanical energy: The form of energy that any moving object has is called mechanical energy. The energy that exists in a moving car or any mechanical machine is mechanical energy. iii. Light …

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The Energy Transformation While We Watching TV By Means Of Solar Panel

We have solar panels in our houses. All the electric appliance in our house are run by electricity from, for example, the solar panels. Energy transformation occurs while we are watching TV by means of solar panels. And this energy is safe for environment. Solar panels are device which can absorb light energy and transform it into electrical energy. Solar panels absorb the sunlight and transform it into electrical energy that is used by the electrical devices of our house. While watching TV, that electrical energy is transformed into light …

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The Energy That Drives A Car Also Comes From Sun

We know the source of all energy on earth is sun. All the energy we use at some point came from the sun. The energy that a car runs on also came from the sun. A car runs on fuel such as petrol or diesel. These are fossil fuels. Trees absorb the energy from the sun and turn it into chemical energy. This energy remains stored in the trees body. The tree that existed in the prehistoric time are now underground. The body of the trees, under pressure and heat …

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Why Do We Feel Cold When We Touch A Cup Of Ice Water

We know that an object is warm or hot if it has heat energy in it. And an object is cold when it does not has heat energy. So, hot of cold are two states which are defined by presence or absence of heat energy. When we hold a cup of ice water, cold can not move from ice water to our hand. Because cold is jus absence of heat, So, our hand becomes cold because of cold moving from ice water to our hand is not correct.What actually happens …

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How Does Heat Travel When We Cook Rice In A Pot

We know rice is a solid substance. Heat travels through solid substance by the process of conduction. By conduction heat from the fire heats up the pot and reaches the rice grains at bottom. Then slowly heat transfers from one grain to another and after some time heat spreads to all places. But when we usually cook rice we also add water with rice. We know water is a liquid. In liquid heat travels by the process of convection, Water at the bottom of the pot heats up. Hot water …

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What Energy Change Takes Place When We Switched On A TV

We know in order to switch on a TV we have to connect the TV with electrical system of our house. So, we can say a TV uses electrical energy to run. Now, from TV we get sound and we also see pictures. Thus TV produces sound energy. And picture is created in TV by lights of varing intensity and colour. So, TV produces light energy. Also, if we place our hand on the backside of a running TV we feel that it is a bit warm. So, a TV …

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How Planting Trees Around House Can Save Energy

Trees are very important part of our environment. They are essential in many ways. Trees can help us to save energy. We know a lot of our electrical energy is used by fans and ACs in hot summer days. Due to excessive use of fans and ACs in summer we face shortage of electrical energy and load shedding occurs. Now, if there are trees around the house, they provide shade. Trees naturally keep our houses cool in hot days. Presence of trees makes the environment cool and heat becomes tolerable. …

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The Harmful Effects Of Air Pollution And Its Prevention

We cannot live a second without air. But thid air is polluted by us in many ways which is harmful and resistence to our sustainability. . Harmful effects of air pollution are given below: 1. If the density of carbon dioxide in the air increases, the temperature of the environment also increases which upsets the balance of the environment. 2. Bronchitis, asthma, cancer etc. may he caused if smoke from factories, vehicles etc are inhaled along with air. 3. Gases present in the fumes emitted by factories and vehicles cause …

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What Are The Causes Of Air Pollution

Air pollution is the introduction of unwanted chemicals, gasses, dust particles, smoke or odours into the air. It causes harm to living things and also it damages the natural environment. Although there are a few natural causes of air pollution, like volcanic eruption, most of the causes of air pollution are man made. The two most major sources of air pollution are smoke and unmanaged waste. Smoke from vehicles, factories, burning wood, brick milk contain CO2 and many other harmful gases. These gases are responsible for global warming and also …

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