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What Are Short Term Paid Absences

Employees may be entitled to be paid during certain absences, such as annual recreational leave or short periods of illness. Some entities also offer other forms of paid leave, including maternity leave, parental leave, carers’ leave and bereavement leave. Entitlements to short-term paid absences are those entitlements that are expected to be settled within 12 months after the end of the reporting period. Short-term paid absences may be either accumulating or non-accumulating. Non-accumulating paid absences are leave entitlements that the employee may not carry forward to a future period. For …

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Features of Small Business Accounting and Software Available

For any business the accounting procedure is the same; it is mandatory to keep records whatever the company size is. Although the rules are essentially the same for everyone, there are some disparities between the obligations of small businesses  companies compared to those assigned to large. What are the general obligations? The requirement is that all businesses must submit a balance sheet to the Tax Office every year for its exercise. The possibility is left to the company to hold his own accounting or to delegate to a third party. …

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Immediate Recognition of Past Service Cost

The revised IAS 19 issued in June 2011 by the IASB and adopted by the European Union will apply compulsorily to fiscal years beginning on 1 January 2013 or early in 2012. These changes will affect the financial statements consolidated IFRS. The revision of IAS 19 should also lead to a revision of French texts in particular of the 2003-01 CNC recommendation directly derived from IAS 19. This revision has three major implications on the accounting for post-employment benefits. Disappearance of the corridor method The corridor method led to not …

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Must You Be An Accountant to Understand Zero-rated Loan?

Individuals wishing to invest in real estate can quickly get lost and get frightened seeing all those numbers. Indeed, many say that being the accountant would help understand these numbers. Laws and services The state has set up various benefits for individuals wishing to purchase the new and people can get lost. Between different laws and various loan benefits like zero, individuals do not know where to turn to find out what is most advantageous for them. You wonder why you’re not even accounting to help you choose the best …

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Motivation to Study Accounting: A Testimony

This little motivational testimony was sent to us by one of our readers. It wishes to remain yet to be named. We found his perception of very interesting things and we decided to publish it as motivation to study, but also motivation in life in general. Although the text does not address accounting directly, we think it can very well adapt to university studies or a career in accounting! Thank you for this great contribution! 5 years ago, I loaded suitcases in an airport. Today, I am president of a …

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Accounting Profession: The Three Branches of Accounting

Accounting is can be separated into three major branches: either financial accounting, management accounting and financial management. Different users of financial information do not always have the same need and a specific branch of their accounting can be more useful than others. Financial Accounting encompasses the preparation of financial statements. One can think of the statement of financial position, the statement of income, the statement of equity and statement of cash flows. Financial accounting of a business is therefore interesting historical information for external users, such as creditors and shareholders …

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The Community Spirit, Accounting and Crossfit

Community Spirit Accounting

How to take a widespread and accessible service and turn it into an interesting experience that clients will want to participate and for which they will be willing to pay? Good question! This is something which, even in the field of entertainment, in sports, for example, is difficult to recover. For example, I can say from experience that a sport that offers this kind of experience is the Crossfit. Some may cry to simple reasoning, but the Crossfit actually created a memorable experience for their members by creating a sense …

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How to Find A Cheap Accountant

It is not always easy to find an accountant who offers its services at low prices. A cheap accountant is not any street corner. We must be able to look in the right place and know exactly c can be expected as the lowest price from an accountant. Therefore, we will head in your search for a cheap accountant. Where to Find Cheap Accountant You will not find cheap accountants in an office or business. You must target accounting-employed or students in Accounting. Indeed, the accounting firm and those who …

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Best Accounting Bookkeeping Software (2016)

Best Accounting Bookkeeping Software

Hundreds of companies are emerging every week. However, some professionals, although excellent in their field, are struggling to manage accounting of their business. To remedy this problem, the accounting bookkeeping software was created. Zervant Zervant is ideal for small businesses. Easy to learn and fun to use, it is held for a single book. It is proposed to autocomplete expenses of everyday life of a company. By choosing an expense account or revenue, cash consideration is written automatically. It is also possible to enter yourself a little more complex scripts …

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The Audit Importance of Accounting

The audit is a concept that is becoming more known to the public. Indeed, following the increase in the number of fraud made by business leaders and media coverage assigned to them, the media often discuss the audit, its usefulness and its importance in business. First of all we must understand that a significant number of financial structures, such as financial markets, for example, can not properly exist without the presence of the audit. Essentially, the audit is the verification of information (eg financial statements) of a company. This audit …

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