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Best Free Online Marketing Strategies

Best Free Online Marketing Strategies

Tell her business is not always easy, especially when the available cash are rare. So you need to get your imagination to achieve your goals. Many entrepreneurs know well manage and administer, but have no talent in marketing and promotion level. Here are some of the best free marketing strategies for your business. The Best Free Online Marketing Strategies 1. Poll To better understand your customers’ needs, you can use a survey. It is not necessary to go through a specialized company. Indeed, many services on the web offers to …

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10 tips to create and distribute viral videos on Youtube

Viral Videos

1 – Well-Prepared viral videos : Most of the time viral videos do not get attention of audience. For this you are required a lot of preparation and plans. We must therefore define not only its objectives or the target (s) involved first, but also about the tone to be used in video. 2 – The internet before the mark : As the video contents very often exploit Internet users to decide whether to share and talk about it or not. We must therefore take into account, the interests of …

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Yammer- 5 ways to use it in a Project

yammer-enterprise social network

Yammer – the  enterprise social network allows you to exchange  both formal and informal thoughts and feelings with colleagues now. But how Yammer can be really useful in a project? Here are 5 ways to use it. 1 Discussion Yammer is very convenient to get information and allow discussion when we know that it will generate interactions. For example, you can share  the status of a project with your colleagues and ask them a question. You can read their responses on a consolidated basis in the course of the discussion. …

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Spotify video ads will arrive soon with us

Spotify Video Ads2

Video ads tend to generalize on free web services. After Facebook, Twitter and Flipboard, it’s time for Spotify to embark on the adventure. Spotify video ads arrives soon! So Wait a few days! The music streaming service has announced two new advertising products that will allow advertisers to show video ads on the screens of non-paying users of the service. If the first screen (only on computer) is more or less similar to the audio, the second format seems more interesting as the users are already familiar Spotify video ads. Indeed, …

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Apps developed in Swift programming language arrives in App Store

Swift Programming language

If you remember, it’s been a few months when Swift programming language has been unveiled by Apple. Specifically, it happened during the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) conference in San Francisco in June. This is probably a successor to the Objective-C language which until now we use to develop Apps for iOS and OS X platform.   But until now Swift programming language had not yet reached the “Gold Master” level but this Cupertino Company has announced that Swift has already reached Gold Master. Simply speaking, it is not yet fully …

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Netflix Wakfu:Netflix acquires Wakfu animated series by French Ankama

Good luck to Netflix Wakfu agreement

Netflix acquires Wakfu animated series by French Ankama. The animated series Wakfu produced by French Ankama gaining worldwide exposure to 50 million subscribers of Netflix as it is coming to France. You will be surprised to hear one of the major tech news in this month of September which  is  the arrival of Netflix in France. But there is no question of that now, since the launch will be  done through next week!   The story  behind the (Netflix Wakfu) partnership The meeting between Netflix and Ankama has done earlier this year …

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Facebook will soon become the new YouTube

YouTube like Facebook

During its development, Facebook (which now has more than 10 years) has accumulated a lot of features. But those who have never used other social networks do not necessarily know that there are some who have been inspired by competing platform. For example, hashtags which were introduced last year were already on Twitter long. We could also mention the collaborative album which was a feature, already present on Google+ or the “skills” in the profile information that are a bit “LinkedIn” alike. This time, Facebook has decided to focus on …

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10 Evernote features that will simplify your life

The tool Evernote allows you to store in one place a series of notes, replacing notebooks, wallets and binders. Here are some particularly useful features to make your life easier. 1.Tags Tags (also known as tags) are very useful to organize your notes and are more flexible than folders, especially because you can attach multiple tags to a note. Folders can be used for example to manage access (“private files” versus “shared folders”) or to have a view on things going and completed (“inbox” versus “completed tasks”). 2 Ranking tags …

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WhatsApp will reach more people than Facebook


There are a few months ago when Facebook  announced the acquisition of WhatsApp at 19 billion dollars, it was not a surprise for lot of people and not cared bu  a lot of investors on the ground of social networking. Currently, the instant messaging application has no less than 600 million active users per month. In February, after announcing the acquisition of the application, Mark announced that his goal was to reach  the billion users by WhatsApp  , roughly the same performance as that of the social network Facebook. But …

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WordPress 4.0: what’s new in it?

Wordpress 4.0

The new version of WordPress comes out with features that make it more pleasant to use. That is WordPress 4.0. A few months after the release of WordPress 3.9, here is the WordPress 4.0 arrives. The news that accompany this release, although they may seem minor, will make your work (website publishers and bloggers) easier and more enjoyable your days. A new grid for media files Below you have the new interface to manage media content: an “infinite” grid cleaner and practice that is far from displeasing. The integration of …

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