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ERP And Data Analytical Ability Are Simultaneous Needs

Many organizations runs with ERP systems, nowadays. And almost all the important data are captured in the system by means of various modules, for example Account Receivables, Accounts Payables, General Ledger, Order Management, Suppy Chain, Projects, etc. So, ERP is compared to be a data-sea or a datamine. Looking for a reliable information is not so easy here. To find an important information of your need, you will have to sail in this data-sea almost at all times. So why not we go for learning Advanced Excel, yet? Advanced Excel …

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Free ERP Software Prextra And Its Modules

Do you think for affordable accounting software? Prextra is made for you, then. Prextra is a business management platform developed in Quebec, Canada. It is a cutting-edge information technology and can meet your accounting and other business needs also. It is affordable in price, quality and a good candidate for the best free accounting software. The software is a user friendly and integrated ERP System. A user or an SME who is in need of basic accounting will find everything in this small accounting software. The software is developed into …

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How to Use a Financial Calculator – Do you know?

financial calculator

The calculator is a widely used tool in the business world and it is essential to know how to use it properly. You will understand that for an accountant before using a paper, a calculator is main tool. In this article, we will describe the basic operation of a standard financial calculator that allows calculating and updating. For operations which we will detail further. To work properly it is essential that your calculator is in normal mode. In your calculations, you must remember that the rate returned by the financial …

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Reasons Will Make You Switch To Windows 10

windows 10 upgrade

It may be the reconciliation of OS. The Technical Preview version of Windows 10 is available for a few weeks now and some of you may have-installed on a test machine or even in a virtual machine. This is exactly my case and it is now quite some time that I play with. A rather strange experience given the fact that it is now four years since I left Microsoft to Apple. Strange, yes, but also very refreshing because Windows 10 combines the good points here and just 6 reasons …

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The Revolution And Use of Drones in Figures

use of drones

Drone which is a type of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), The revolution and use of Drones in figures is a comparative review. The Dronestagram infographic is here on the use of drones leisure for photo and video. Discover the most active and the most popular brands over there. In Dronestagram, since the site in July 2013, we collected sufficient information to be able today to offer this small compilation of some key market data on the use of drones in leisure booming number. This infographic therefore includes not only our …

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Symantec decided to split into two


After HP and eBay, Symantec, the company of security solutions has decided to split into two different companies. Who will be next? This is a normal trend in the digital and new technology industry. There are some days when we mentioned the announcement of the eBay division in two. The giant online sales site has decided to part with PayPal which it had acquired long ago. Apparently the idea is not only to allow PayPal partners to take part in the race of eBay competitors but also to more effectively respond  …

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WhatsApp will reach more people than Facebook


There are a few months ago when Facebook  announced the acquisition of WhatsApp at 19 billion dollars, it was not a surprise for lot of people and not cared bu  a lot of investors on the ground of social networking. Currently, the instant messaging application has no less than 600 million active users per month. In February, after announcing the acquisition of the application, Mark announced that his goal was to reach  the billion users by WhatsApp  , roughly the same performance as that of the social network Facebook. But …

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VR Gear Samsung headset-estimated price and reviews

VR Gear Samsung Headset

As we already know, Samsung has finally unveiled his virtual reality headset  Gear VR there a few days ago at IFA Berlin. But at that time, no one even knew the price at which the helmet will be sold. This has indeed been unveiled in Berlin. However, our colleagues site VentureBeat who attended another event, Fashion Week in New York, could interview a spokesperson from Samsung that was present. It has unveiled the VR Gear Samsung headset will be sold at $ 199. Cost of VR Gear Samsung Knowing that so …

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Acer Liquid Jade: A Difficult Creation By Acer Technologists

Acer Liquid Jade

That was last May in New York, Acer unveiled the prototype of a new smartphone which contrasted with what the Taiwanese brand offered so far. It was the Acer Liquid Jade, a smartphone that comes out this month with a 5 “display, a small footprint and weighs only 120g. It does not take long and will be priced at € 229. What is impressive when you take it in hand, it is its weight and bulk. It is very light despite its 5 “display. The design is rather successful, we …

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HTC Desire 820, Lumia 730 and Z2 Lenovo Vibe- Selfie Phone

HTC Desire 820

All you need to know about the HTC Desire 820, Lumia 730 and Z2 Lenovo Vibe, especially if you’re addicted to selfies. HTC Desire 820, Lumia 730 and Z2 Lenovo Vibe IFA 2014 was an event full of new to the world of mobile technology. Besides the influx of smartwatch - at least compared to the 2013 edition - there is also the determination builders smartphones to capitalize on our obsession with selfies. There are a few months, Sony has opened hostilities (among major manufacturers) by unveiling its Xperia C3, …

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