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Invoice Price Variance In Oracle EBS

That was really confusing to me when I looked at the Trial Balance generated by Oracle EBS R 12.1 for the first time. It generated a few setup related accounts which I didn’t give the implementing consultants during to-be process documetation. Two of the system generated heads of accounts are (1) Inv Org Setup: Purchase Price Variance (2) Inv Org Setup: Invoice Price Variance. Both the accounts were little confusing to me as because I was maintaining our manufacturing accounting with PMAC (Period Moving Average Cost) in Actual Costing Environment. My …

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ERP And Data Analytical Ability Are Simultaneous Needs

Many organizations runs with ERP systems, nowadays. And almost all the important data are captured in the system by means of various modules, for example Account Receivables, Accounts Payables, General Ledger, Order Management, Suppy Chain, Projects, etc. So, ERP is compared to be a data-sea or a datamine. Looking for a reliable information is not so easy here. To find an important information of your need, you will have to sail in this data-sea almost at all times. So why not we go for learning Advanced Excel, yet? Advanced Excel …

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Free ERP Software Prextra And Its Modules

Do you think for affordable accounting software? Prextra is made for you, then. Prextra is a business management platform developed in Quebec, Canada. It is a cutting-edge information technology and can meet your accounting and other business needs also. It is affordable in price, quality and a good candidate for the best free accounting software. The software is a user friendly and integrated ERP System. A user or an SME who is in need of basic accounting will find everything in this small accounting software. The software is developed into …

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Features of Small Business Accounting and Software Available

For any business the accounting procedure is the same; it is mandatory to keep records whatever the company size is. Although the rules are essentially the same for everyone, there are some disparities between the obligations of small businesses  companies compared to those assigned to large. What are the general obligations? The requirement is that all businesses must submit a balance sheet to the Tax Office every year for its exercise. The possibility is left to the company to hold his own accounting or to delegate to a third party. …

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The Importance of E-Commerce in a Company

importance of e-commerce

Having a web presence is very important, if not essential, for the majority  of companies selling directly to the customer. In fact, using the Internet to  reach new customer segments and to increase its turnover is commonplace in  business. Since importance of e-commerce is huge and it is one of the tools that companies use to sell their  products directly to the customer via their own website or intermediaries  like Amazon or eBay, for example. Since importance of e-commerce is huge, it is not very difficult to build a website …

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QlikView and Qlik Sense Can Be Used in Parallel NOW!

qlikview and qlik sense

In the summer of 2014, Swedish business intelligence company Qlik had advanced with its new self-service data visualization software which is Qlik Sense. Previously it was limited to BI platform [QlikView] only. With the new release it has created numerous options for analyzing and visualizing data and also made it more user-friendly. Now QlikView and Qlik Sense can be used in parallel easily. Many companies are using QlikView and Qlik Sense comprehensively which covers their daily requirements for information gathering, analysis, interpretation and visualization of data with the software. What …

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Relationship Analysis Between Accounting Firms And Companies

Relationship analysis

The current situation of SMEs SMEs past decades were not the same as today. In fact, small businesses are well advanced in recent years and their managers with them. He long ago, small businesses composed of two or three employees who mastered a specific art, they were artisans! Over time, business owners have moved from craftsmen to managers. It is the evolution of Western culture, the available training and access to higher education which has enabled a large majority to know in depth the bottom of their craft and developing …

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Best Accounting Audit Software – 2016 Review

best audit software

In the field of accounting audit, there is not a great variety of software available to professionals. Audit software helps the auditor in performing the audit, mission review or compilation engagements with his client. Some software is very popular and widespread, while others have interesting features but are less known to the public. So we present the best accounting audit software currently on the market. Best Accounting Audit Softwares in 2016 are: 1. CaseWare IDEA CaseWare Audit software is best known in accounting firms, developed by idea software and as …

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Best Accounting Bookkeeping Software (2016)

Best Accounting Bookkeeping Software

Hundreds of companies are emerging every week. However, some professionals, although excellent in their field, are struggling to manage accounting of their business. To remedy this problem, the accounting bookkeeping software was created. Zervant Zervant is ideal for small businesses. Easy to learn and fun to use, it is held for a single book. It is proposed to autocomplete expenses of everyday life of a company. By choosing an expense account or revenue, cash consideration is written automatically. It is also possible to enter yourself a little more complex scripts …

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Best Smart Phones for Financial Accountants

Samsung Galaxy 6 iPhone Plus

Mobile  phone  devices become increasingly integral to the life of the professional field of business. In this article, we propose a list of the best smartphones for accountants and professionals from the business world. Smart phones are no longer just phones, that now are real working tools which are measures to help the professional in achieving its common tasks and enable ultimately improve productivity. Some criteria can be used to determine the usefulness of a phone in the business and focus your search, such as the phone’s ability to: Facilitate …

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