A Comparison of Samsung Galaxy Mini S5 and S4

Can not decide between the Samsung Galaxy mini S5 and S4? Here is a comparison of their performance to guide you in your choice.

For each output of a high-end smartphone, there is a mini or compact versions. That is a similar version to the high-end product, but with reduced features to lower the purchase price. This is the case of the Samsung Galaxy mini S5, which is a scaled down version of the S5. Sold to around 300 is a good alternative for those who were interested in the Samsung Galaxy S5, without having the budget to buy the high-end Samsung smartphone. An interesting alternative, but that is not necessarily the best.

For a few euros more, € 25 to be exact, you can come into the possession of the Samsung Galaxy S4, the previous version of the high-end Samsung phone. Out there a little over a year, it is still in tune with the market and it is one of the best selling phones of our site. So who has the best performance? Is it better to buy a high-end smartphone of 2013 or a recent mini version? Is that the difference of 25 worth to be spent to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S4? This is what we will discover in this comparison.

Comparison of Samsung Galaxy mini S5 and S4 with respect to general characteristics

As its name suggests, a mini version is a smaller version of a smartphone. This is the case of the Samsung Galaxy Mini S5 which is smaller and lighter than the Samsung Galaxy S4. A gender difference that is difficult to judge because everyone likes a particular template phone. The only comment we can make on the dimensions of both phones is that despite the larger dimensions, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is thinner.

On this point, the scores are distributed between the two smartphones.

Comparison of Samsung Galaxy mini S5 and S4 with respect to Screen

Who says bigger dimensions than said size screen. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is equipped with a super AMOLED screen of 5 inches to 4.5 inches against the S5 mini.

It is easier to have a density of pixels, which determines the accuracy of the image on a smaller screen. Except that this is not the case between these two phones. The Samsung Galaxy S4 has a pixel density of 441 ppi (pixels per inch) against 326 dpi for the mini S5. This is not surprising in itself. Builders are used to reduce the screen resolution in order to lower the purchase price of the smartphone. It is true that you do not necessarily need to have a very good screen for basic use of a smartphone.

In this comparison, the Samsung Galaxy S4 therefore takes advantage over S5.

Comparison of Samsung Galaxy mini S5 and S4 with respect to Multimedia

Another point on which manufacturers to lower performance can reduce purchase price of the phone is the camera sensor. This explains the difference between the two models. The Samsung Galaxy Mini S5 has a 8MP sensor against 13 MP for Samsung Galaxy S4. Even if the photo sensor is not rendering quality picture, the Samsung Galaxy Mini S5 is clearly equipped with an extra camera. This means that it will be effective to capture moments of life, but for this he must be under ideal conditions. The Samsung Galaxy S4 is happening all over him. It can easily replace a digital camera to take your holiday photos.

Comparison of Samsung Galaxy mini S5 and S4 with respect to performance and autonomy:

The difference between a mini version and a high-end smartphone is at the visual comparison of performance and autonomy. Side of the Samsung Galaxy S4 there is the green, mini S5 side there is red. No need to go into detail for you to understand that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is more powerful and has a better battery than the Samsung Galaxy Mini S5.

The point is therefore the Samsung Galaxy S4 is over S5

Finally, the Samsung Galaxy S4 S5 dominates the mini. Even if it was marketed a year ago, the difference between the high end is the mini versions are too large. So if you want a good 4G smartphone around € 300, you will advise the Samsung Galaxy S4 which is sold at the best price of € 329 against € 304.9 for the Samsung Galaxy Mini S5. It really is worth the added twenty euros between the two models.

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