How to shorten your Facebook Fan Page URL?

When creating a Fan Page for your company or business, Facebook generates a large sized URL ending with a 15 digits number. This looks like Think, is it possible to remember this big URL by your fans. Of course difficult. So you need to shorten this URL to make the Fan Page familiar to all your fans which will look like

This is not happen as and when you require or think of doing. It needs at least 25 fans to shorten you URL. How to do this I will show you now.

Go to address bar of browser. Type If it is available then just confirm the page name and that’s it. There will be an option to change your fan page name only once and some other Cautions! which you have to agree. If you have less than 25 fans on the page , it will be a problem but no problem for others.

You can wait until your page gets 25 fans. So better emphasize on how to get more likes withing shortest possible time. Create Good contents for fan page which will attract fans to like your post. Post might be informative with an image, might be humor types or any type which may impress the prospective fans. Try to post status frequently to get quick interaction.

Shortening your Fan Page URL will not boost the page ranking either but may have long term effect on the page popularity since the fans will be able to remember the URL easily.

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