What Are The Harmful Effects Of Environmental Pollution

Harmful effects of environmental pollution: We have to love our environment and keep it clean and tidy in order to stay safe and healthy. We should not pollute our environment in anyway. Environmental pollution has many harmful effects. Pollution is causing a lot of damage to human, animal, plants and also the environment.

To human, pollution is causing many diseases. Diseases like cancer, respiratory, waterborne diseases also skin problems. Due to increase in pollution these diseases are also increasing. Pollution is destroying animal habitats and food chains. If we continue pollution for long, it will be very difficulty to sustain a healthy life.

Due to increasing pollution, many animals are becoming extinct. Due to pollution, average temperature of earth is slowly increasing. This is called global warming. Due to global warming the glaciers are melting and as a result the sea water level is rising. If the sea level rises, too many countries beside the sea may be flooded. We should be careful of the harmful effect of environmental cause great damage to our environment.

What is noise pollution? What is the harmful impact of noise pollution?

Noise pollution is excessive sound in the environment that harms the health of human and animal life. People causing noise pollution by unnecessary use of horns, playing songs in high volume and use of loud speakers or mikes.

Noise pollution has severe mental and physical effect on human health. Depression, hearing loss, sleep disruption and loss of productivity are caused by noise pollution. We should be very careful while making unnecessary sounds especially listening to music in loud volume.

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