Kingston MobileLite G2 Wireless:A must on your travels

There are a few months, I was talking about a product that has since never left me: the Kingston MobileLite G2 Wireless. This little device allows me, among other things, to take and watch anywhere my favorite videos on my iPad Mini, without overloadANDROIDing. A must in my opinion, especially when the iPad is only 16GB.

Entirely satisfied with this product, except perhaps by its size and bulk, I longed to test his new version, released there a few weeks away. So I gladly welcomed the G2 version of the Kingston MobileLite G2 Wireless.

This new version, necessarily more efficient, is unfortunately a large and slightly wider than the first, and slightly heavier. A bad point, I hoped that a smaller, more lightweight, and why not another form, more convenient.
But this slight overweight has its explanation: the Kingston MobileLite G2 now has an RJ45 port, which allows to directly share content (NAS) and serve as a router. Practice.

The brand also significantly improve the battery. The unit can now fully charge your smartphone, and twice (for an iPhone 5). The user can also use it for more than 13 hours of continuous use. Small performances that will make the G2 a travel essential!

So I use it very often when I‘m traveling by train or car. I filled my SD card and movies, series or music and do not care about the rest on my iPad or iPhone space. The transfer is fast and playback. And watch videos, no need to even the official app, I use VLC simply. I use it daily in my couch or at the gym! Yes people hallucinate a little when they see me coming with all my gear, but at least I‘m not bored during my run

The Kingston MobileLite G2 Wireless is now available on the website of the brand, for € 45.48.

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