Nexus 9: What Google is planning for new Nexus 9?

Documents for a new Google tablet Nexus 9 just appear in the database of the FCC. The size of the screen and its model number suggests it could be a new Nexus 7.

Nexus 9

While we wait for the Nexus 9 forward, this may not be the next tablet on the schedule of Google. The Mountain View company has apparently sent another model to FCC for inspection. The documents accompanying him are now in public. MyLGphones relays the most interesting snippets.

A new Nexus 7?

First, we learn that the mentioned tablet screen measures 7 inches. Then comes in the model number: NX74751. Obviously we can not help but think of a new Nexus 7 . The battery capacity also draws our attention: 2480 mAh. This is far less than the 3950 mAh last Nexus 7.  On the other hand, it was also regressed on the first model which equipped with a battery of 4325 mAh. But it is still very little.

In addition, the battery will be provided by LG. It is therefore likely that the Korean will produce the entire tablet, which is not really in Google’s history. It actually produced the last two Nexus smartphones but never shelves. A team has decided to continue its investigations.

Nexus 9 is a Tango tablet!

They did well because they are apparently able to solve this mystery. By returning the documents of the FCC , they have discovered another clue: a 4G / LTE,  NVIDIA signed modem . If they provide the modem, then they surely provides the processor also . We would be offering with a new 7-inch tablet Tegra processor and produced by LG for Google … This should remind you of something.

This would actually Tango tablet that Google wants to market next year. The information was even confirmed by a “reliable source”. This premature move by the FCC suggests that small tablet with infrared camera and multiple sensors could have taken a few steps ahead … which would still be good news although we would have preferred a new tablet Nexus 9.

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