What is the Salary of a Chartered Accountant?

We work in accounting, whether as accounting technician or as a CPA tends to be highly interesting personal, social and wage. Indeed, an accountant usually has a much higher salary than the national average and has access to good benefits. In fact, the salary of a CPA is one of the highest wages in the company while the salary of an accounting technician is generally in the average. No matter what country you decide to exercise in accounting, you will live comfortably.

The qualities and advantages of accountant work is not the only good thing about the situation. Indeed, the demand for accountants is constantly increasing in recent years. The aging population is increasing more and more (baby boomers) which created a great need in terms of accounting professionals, whether specialized certification or taxation. In our capitalist society, an accountant is essential to the well-being of individuals, companies and public bodies. The salary of expert accountants will have a strong tendency to increase in the future, following the basic economic principles of supply and demand.

What is the salary of a chartered accountant?

In Canada
The first thing you need to know at the Canadian accounting wage is that it is constantly evolving and is quite different from a workplace to another. In Canada, the salary of an intern auditing / taxation begins at around 30,000 and up to 45 000 per year, and by not having obtained his CPA. The salary then experiencing a dramatic increase after obtaining the CPA title and can easily go up to $ 60,000. Then, depending on the workplace and promotions of the employee, the pay can climb jusqsu’à 130,000 in about 5 years of work. As they say: sky’s the limit. Accounting in Canada Wages can easily compete and make him jealous other business areas in the country.

In France
Let us now examine the salary of an accountant in France. A young french accounting technician usually affects the amount of approximately € 2,000 per month with a level of university BAC + 2 (So about 2 years of study at the University). Level professionals, the salary of an accountant (CPA equivalent of Canada) begins with a salary of around € 3,000 per month. As in Canada, the demand for accountants in France is increasing and it is easy for young professionals to find work in accounting. In France, the salary of accounting has a strong tendency to increase with experience and academic level of the professional. This tendane is much more present in French territory and in other Western countries, such as Canada and the United States for example .. In France, academic progress, diplomas and higher education expert accountants are a direct path and clear to a better salary.

The salary of a chartered accountant as its Activity Sector

The salary of an accountant can vary greatly depending on the sector in which it chooses to exercise. Indeed, accountants in public practice (especially in big ovens) have a strong tendency to be better paid and have access to better benefits than other professionals in the field. Yet we must be aware that the firm requires work, more often than not, a lot of work and a good resistance to stress.

As for accountants working in business, they usually have a slightly lower salary than those working in the office, although there are many exceptions to this rule. One can also go accountants working in public in this category, although they have access to good benefits and good job security.

In summary, we must remember that the salary of an accountant, whether professional or technician is relatively high and the demand for expert accountant is up for the coming years.

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