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25 Unsolved Questions on Plant Layout

1. What are the classical types of plant layout ? What are their advantages and disadvantages ?

2. What is meant by plant layout ? Differentiate between process and product layout.

3. What is the distinction between a product and process layout ? What are the conditions for which each type is appropriate and why ?

4. Attempt the following (a) When would you prefer a product layout ? (b) Under what conditions would you recommend process layout for a plant ?

5. Answer the following : (a) What are the factors borne in mind while deciding upon plant layout? (b) What is meant by ‘balance in layout’ ? Take an example to explain.

6. What is plant layout ? Explain why business site, selection of equipment, and type of building must be considered simultaneously in the development of plant layout ?

7. What points will you bear in mind while constructing the building for factory ?

8. Write short notes on (i) Techniques of plant layout, (ii) Factory influencing plant layout, (iii) Procedure for plant Layout, (iv) Characteristics of an efficient layout.

9. Compare advantages and disadvantages of Single and Multi-storied Buildings for a plant.

10. Distinguish between product layout and process layout and explain their advantages and disadvantages.

11. State the factors to be borne in mind while deciding layout of a plant. What are the advantages and limitations of product layout for a plant ? Under what conditions you would recommend it ?

12. What are the major classes of material handling equipment ?

13. What steps should be taken in studying material handling ?

14. Can material handling be studied independent of layout and maintenance?

15. What kinds of material handling equipment are appropriate for process layouts?

16. How important is plant location to profitability?

17. What is the object of location analysis ? What is the, importance of subjective factors in comparing alternative choices for location ?

18. How can the qualitative factors in location analysis be evaluated systematically ?

19. Plant location is a recurring problem involving business survival. Evaluate this statement.

20. How does break-even analysis be used in selecting a new plant site ?

21. A decision has to be made to arrange the layout of a factory, either by grouping similar types of machines together in separate sections or by arranging them in sequence for line production. Give the factors you would consider in order to arrive at a decision and state the advantages and disadvantages of the sequential method of layout.

22. A company has made a decision to transfer certain products and machines from a process layout production scheme to product layouts. Discuss how the company might have chosen the likely products for manufacture on the product layouts, and the advantages and problems of this type of layout.

23. Almost every site imposes restrictions of some kind on ideal factory the layout- Discuss the implications of this statement.

24. What factors must be taken into consideration in the selection of materials handling equipment ?

25. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using templates when laying out the individual departments ?

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