Mailbox update: Mailbox is finally optimized for iPhone 6

It is no longer necessary to have a token to enjoy on OS X. This is called the double effect Kiss Cool. Good news for iOS Mailbox. Mailbox update is finally done for your iPhone 6!

mailbox updateOf course, Mailbox is a great tool  and you are millions who use it every day. However, there are several alternatives on the market and so many of you might be thinking of Gmail or others but hope you will manage time to have a little thought for Mailbox. That‘s good! Because it has just been updated by its publisher that Mailbox is optimized for your iPhone 6! Mailbox update !!!

The new version brings several significance to new customers necessarily and  it is especially optimized for the screen of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Just like Gmail, with the application you will then be able to see more messages and more text. You will no longer have to scroll through the contents of your screen for hours to get the urgent email sent by your accountant last week.

On the sidelines, the project developers have also taken the opportunity to review their notification system. Fascinating but the best is yet to come because you‘ll also be able to customize their scans to assign the desired actions. Be careful though because it will be essential to update your iOS device 8 to enjoy this new version of Mailbox update.

That‘s not enough? You need more? Do not listen to what you are told, gluttony is not a bad thing and chance would have it. The developer has announced more good news: the OS X version of the application is available to all without invitation or token. In other words, if you have a Mac then you can install Mailbox now, fetching the relationship which I hope will go well at the end of the article. I tested this version for a few weeks and I confessed that I can advise you.

I remind you that Mailbox is also available on Android. If you have not bitten the apple and if you prefer robots fruit then nothing will stop you from checking out the Play Store to test Mailbox update.

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