Dominance of Wholesalers in Bangladesh Markets

At present economic condition, it is neither possible nor desirable—rather impracticable to eliminate the wholesaler from the soil of Bangladesh. Any attempt to eliminate the wholesaler will be a “crazy-attempt” and will surely paralyse the economical activities of the country. The reasons, in brief, are as follows:

In Bangladesh the producers have no enough money to invest huge capital in production as well as in stocking the goods for the longer period. Holding of goods requires modern and spacious warehouses which are not found in our country.

Retailers of our country are financially unable to hold the stocks in large quantities, which will be necessary in the absence of the wholesaler of our retailers are uneducated. They do not go through papers and advertisements, thus, it will be difficult for them to assemble goods from a large number of manufacturers who are widely scattered.

The wave of internationalism is lashing us. Frequent changes in fashion under the influence of the multinationalism are difficult to be studied directly by the manufacturer.

To have a direct touch with the retailers the manufacturer is to maintain an efficient sales organization headed by experienced hands ; unfortunately, such hands are not presently available in our country in sufficient number. Moreover, miserable, irregular, risky, and expensive transport arrange-ment has created a wide gulf between the retailer and the manufacturer to despatch the goods immediately and for the retailers to receive the goods in the shortest period.

Currently, the trend of marketing channels is moving away from detailed description toward considering the channel problem as a whole. The major objective of the channel decisions is to study closely the obstacles of forging an efficient path through which goods can travel from producer to final user. Allied to the whole problem of channel design is the problem of optimal physical distribution arrangements.

The main awareness the wholesalers should get is the inter-dependence of physical distribution decisions and therefore; the need for their coordination.

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