Forex Trading Problems: Maintain Credit Balance In Nostro Account

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FXCM Inc. has the following dealing position in Pound Sterling:

Opening Balalnce in Barclays Bank London GBP  20000 O/D
Opening Currency Position Overbought     £      5,000
T/T (Telegraphic Transfer) Purchased         50,000
Issed a Demand Draft on London         20,000
T/T (Telegraphic Transfer) Remittance Outward         25,000
Bills Purchased on London         75,000
Forward Sales         75,000
Export Bills realized         45,000


What steps would FXCM Inc. take if it requires to maintain a credit balance of GBP 10,000 in Nostro Account and  make it’s Exchange Position square ?

Solution to Forex Trading Problems:

(ii) Cash Position in Nostro Account
Opening Balance £  20,000 £       –
Purchase of T/T £      – £  50,000
Issue of T/T £   25,000 £     –
Realization of Export Bills £       – £  45,000
Total £  45,000 £   95,000
Closing Balance £  50,000 £      –
 £  95,000 £ 95,000


(i) Exchange PositionPurchasesSales
Opening Balance- Overbought              5,000
Purchase of T/T           50,000
Issue of Demand Draft           20,000
Issue of T/T Outward           25,000
Purchase of Bills on London           75,000
Forward Sales           75,000
         130,000         120,000
Closing Balance- Overbought            10,000
         130,000         130,000

To maintain a cash balance of 10000 in Nostro Account, FXCM Inc. should sell spot GBP 40,000. This would result in an exchange position of GBP oversold. To square the position, FXCM has to buy GBP 30,000 for forward delivery.

Export bills realized have been taken  only in cash position because they would have been entered in exchange position on the date of purchase of bills.

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