GLOBE’s nine cultural dimensions are defined in two different ways

Cultural dimensions are scrutinized well. GLOBE is having nine cultural dimensions as we probably knew it. GLOBE’s nine cultural dimensions are defined in two different views and these are as follows:

(1) PracticStrategic business unites (or we can say it “as- is”) and

(2)  Values (or we can say it “should be” or “To-be”)

 Practices reflect the respondents’ day-to-day realities. Values reflect their aspirations and ethics. The values score, what we termed as “should be”, in maximum cases was remarkably dissimilar from the practices score what we termed as “as is”. The values score was frequently greater than the practices score. Another astonishing discovery was that a high value score was often related to a low practice score on a cultural dimension. This is opposed to conventional wisdom that people act in a certain way because they hold certain values in high esteem. However, if employees “in practice” experience a low degree of something perceived as worthy, its nonexistence might lead them to value or “should be”, it all the more. But if employees in practice have a high degree of something perceived as good, the value they put on it doesn’t require to be high.

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