Green Insurance For Car- A Product By Direct Line And LifeGate

An important partnership is signed between the renowned English online insurance company Direct Line  and an Italian company LifeGate, who engaged in the field of sustainability for long time, which recently launched a product named  green insurance for car.

Green car insuranceA few days ago, in fact, Direct Line has joined the project “Zero Impact” launched by LifeGate which has its primary objective to make cars of less carbon emission in the atmosphere using the so-called “carbon credits” obtained from establishment of forests in the area of ​​Costa Rica (with an ultimate goal of 100,000 square meters) and the protection and enhancement of existing green areas in the world, thus balancing the situation and recreating a kind of environmental balance. Aiming at a  new product, termed as “green insurance”.

The wake of these innovative ideas that took shape by Ben, the name by which the two protagonists have decided to christen this new green insurance flavor for car which is Eco-friendly and environmentally sound.

In practice this green insurance policy for car will be carbon neutral for the first 10,000 km and  the first 300 motorists who decide to subscribe to Ben, can be benefited from this substantial opportunities.

It is, therefore a good and practical alternative, a highly sustainable, the classic insurance: There are no forms for you to fill out with Ben at any stage of the green insurance contract. It will be a concrete way to limit the waste of paper and the whole process can be managed 100% online from your own computer with a few clicks comfortably.

An important partnership which is taking advantage of the extensive experience of the two companies, it should be in a highly innovative way to meet the growing need for sustainability that is emerging for some time. Green Insurance is a promising product by Direct Line and LifeGate.

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