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What is Layout Engineering | 10 Steps in Layout Engineering

Layout Engineering is the Designing the layout of a plant is a specialized task and should be carried out systematically. A systematic approach (procedure) to plant layout (layout engineering) consists of the following steps :

10 Steps in Layout Engineering

1. Decide the specific objectives of plant layout to be achieved.

2. Study all the factors affecting the plant layout, e.g., materials list, current and future output targets, components to be bought from outside, stock policy and storage requirements, number and type of equipment, manpower needs, processing times, shape of finished product. These requirements can be determined by analyzing the nature of the product to be manufactured.

3. Prepare suitable flow charts, models, process charts, machine data cards, templates, diagrams, etc., for the proposed layout scheme.

4. Determine routing, space requirement for each work station, service departments, employee facilities, etc.

5. Draw building specifications to fit the requirements of the layout.

6. Prepare a floor plan indicating location of doors, windows, stairways, lifts and other facilities.

7. Prepare a draft (tentative) layout indicating the sequence of operations. Templates or models are used to determine space requirement for each piece of equipment.

8. Give a trial run to the tentative layout. Recheck proposed layout with engineering, manufacturing, and other departments.

9. Prepare detailed layout drawings after consultation with line management. Process charts and flow diagrams may be used to prepare detailed layout drawings.

10. Draw up a work schedule for installation.

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