Leadership: Your Daily Agenda Makes You Leader

In the light of Law # 3 of Maxwell’s The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, I am discussing the Law of Process. The main essence of this law is Leadership develops daily, not in a day. That means you cannot be a leader in a single day. It will take lot of dedication and time to become a leader. You have to achieve leadership qualities day-by-day, in a systematic process, because it cannot be mandated or assigned to you automatically. It might take your entire life to become a leader and you have to practice it everyday in your daily life.

The Difference Between Event and Process

People overestimate the Event but under estimate the Process. But without adopting an proper process they cannot get to their destinations. Then, what is the difference between this Event and the Process? Let’s have a look on the leadership view of difference between these two:

  • An event encourages decisions while a process encourages development
  • The event motivates people while the process matures people
  • The Event is a calendar issue, issue in a specific day or time while the process is a culture issue
  • The event challenges people while the process changes people
  • The Event is easy but the process is difficult

Leadership is Multifaceted:

Leadership, in fact, is multifaceted. Any single quality will not make you a leader. You must know how to actually influence the people, you must know the proper navigation to get to the destination, you have to sacrifice a lot for the people who follow you. Like everything in the nature has a season, the timing of leading is very important. If you start leading in a wrong time, result may be different.

Your relationship with people will have a great impact on your leadership. Your effort to empowerment or people development will be judged by your people, so you have to think for them, for their growth. Your attitude, momentum etc. quality or aspects of leadership are very important as well.

Your success is with you because the secret of your success is found in your daily routine or agenda. If you practice leadership occasionally, you cannot be a leader. You have to practice daily, in a systematic process, so that in the long run you achieve necessary qualities to emerge as a leader.

Phases of Leadership Growth Process

Leadership growth process may be summarized in five literal phases. In the first phase, you are unsure about what you don’t know. So, try knowing your unknowns. In the second phase, you are sure about what you need to know. That means, you are sure that you need something to become a leader. In the third phase, you are sure about what you don’t know. So, you have to know that thing. In the fourth phase, you know and grow and it is the time to show and in the fifth phase, you simply go because of what you know.

In order to apply the law of process in your life, you can set a personal growth plan. You can write the plan well and proceed to achieve it. You can apply your growth strategy to those you lead and create a culture of growth. Most leadership experts suggest that you read a book or listen to a CD every week on leadership or can join leadership seminars or conferences once a year so that you can understand the more aspects of leadership.

Thanks for reading this article and inviting you to read my next article on Law of Navigation. Till then, bye.

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