How to Manage the Loss of an Employee

Manage the Loss of Employee of your business: The loss of a key employee is like a disaster or pandemic in a company and  an event that can put the company in a difficult situation. So the company should prepared for that unseen event.

Indeed, it is essential that the company should take certain precautionary steps to avoid losing its ongoing work, contacts and knowledge. It is suggested to keep vital information of the company in a secure databases including passwords used by the employees, authorized equipment, monitoring of bills and approvals from suppliers, etc.

In a crisis it is also recommended for the company to quickly support communications for the missing employee (by email, telephone or in writing) advising those concerned regarding the announcement of the sad news. Additional problems arise following the dismissal of an employee who could become hostile to the company. In this case, it will also develop controls to remove all access and all possible entrances to the employee on the company network.

What should company do when it dismiss an IT team member who is hostile or might become hostile to the company in near future?

Upon dismissal of a member of the IT team who is hostile or might become, the company should first remove administrator rights or privileges of the employee and verify that they have been abducted on all devices, including printers and other devices that may seem harmless at first glance.

It is also recommended to use an external consultant to prepare a list of remote access points and action. Then you have to cancel all cards which the employee might want to use, such as credit cards or calling cards, etc.

Do not forget to change the passwords to external servers, such as Web servers or data servers and seek the cooperation of other employees to keep private any information that has been changed previously.

The last step would be to systematically change the access codes and passwords for all other systems which the employee used.

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