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Micro-nutrient Deficiency exists in approximately 2 Billion People

We can read about the phenomenon of nutrient deficiency that is present in many places and in many forms, almost everywhere in the world. It is the creation of human being, which is very ironic, as we eat more imbalanced food. And the development of nutrient deficiencies contributes significantly to the fact that 1 in 4 couples in the world today struggles with infertility. Based on an article in I am writing this truth for my loyal visitors.

Food and Nutrients

Basically, as we learned in school, one can can fill his nutritional demand from food. However, this is only true if you bring enough food and nutrients into your body. Quantity is a problem in many places, even in advanced western societies, but nutrient content is almost everywhere, indeed!

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What makes nutrient deficiency in a food?

Take, for example, an apple. An must be good looking, red, fragrant and flawless in order to take it from the shelf of a store, it . In nature, however, most apples do not fall into this category. In order to increase the number of apples of perfect shape, color and flawlessness, they must be chemically, bred, fertilized and sprayed. Without these procedures, apples would probably be smaller and uglier, and there would be fewer apples. Moreover, these processes are found in almost all food crops.

Unfortunately, mass production and chemicals significantly reduce the nutritional contents of foods, i.e the amount of real nutrients they contain. And this has brought mankind to the point where it is not easy task to meet our daily needs, even not in nutrient-intensive periods such as pregnancy.

But is nutrient deficiency really bad?

Research shows that around 2 billion people in the world or almost a quarter of the Earth’s population, are struggling with micro-nutrient deficiency, today. So, in response to the question asked, yes, it is very disastrous. Micro-nutrients, like iodine, iron, copper, or even vitamins, are basic components of the body’s functioning. They are not needed in plenty, but we we have to ensure the right amount. When the operation of the fine-tuned system of our own body is changed, problems and illnesses develop.

According to research, the deficiencies of iron, zinc, iodine, folate, vitamin A and D are the most common in the world today. This is not only problematic in terms of pregnancy (as the lack of any of these substances can cause infertility), but also in terms of fetus delivery and healthy development. So you can’t be surprised at the fact that experts are now recommending you take a pregnantal vitamin.

Nutrition Supplements

The problem with artificial supplements, such as vitamin formulations, is that they are delivered in the wrong form and in the wrong combination. Understandably, when we eat an apple, we not only get iron into our body, but also vitamins, minerals and other traceable elements. In addition, many of these elements aid each other’s absorption, such as vitamin C in the case of iron or copper in the case of zinc.

No matter what kind of bonding we get to the materials. In fact, the substances in foodstuffs are predominantly organic, with biologically active linkages, i.e their absorption and utilization are much easier than in the inactive form. That is, when looking for pregnantal vitamins – but, in fact, any nutritional supplement – it is important that the composition is complex so that certain substances can help others to integrate and also contain the substances in organic form. In the case of formulations, this means practically -citrate and -gluconate bonding forms (zinc citrate, iron gluconate).

Do More Nutrients Mean More Chances?

The question may arise: if we increase nutrient intake, will the chances of becoming pregnant increase? The answer is yes. Properly balancing the nutrient intake also has this effect on the body, meaning it reverses its functions. However, this does not mean that only nutrients can cure already existing illnesses, so specialist medical help cannot be omitted.

Adequate nutrient supply results in normal endocrine function, meaning that hormonal balance is restored to the body. Normal digestion, normal circulation, or, in summary, results in normal functioning, which, in the case of ladies, also means that the body is well prepared to conceive of another life and to carry it smoothly

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