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Nature and Importance of Work Study

In order to improve productivity and level of performance, the technical experts as well as management experts have developed a number of techniques and work study is one of such important technique,. It incorporates all analytical investigations of the methods, conditions, effectiveness of industrial work and thereby the determination of the ways in which human efforts may most economically and effectively be utilized for production.

Concept /Nature of Work Study

Work study is the study of human work in all aspects in order to improve productivity. According to the British Standards Institute, “work study is a generic term for those techniques, particularly method study and work measurement, which are used in the examination of human work in all its contexts, and which lead systematically to the investigation of all the factors which affect the efficiency and economy of the situation being reviewed in order to effect improvement.”

Thus, work study is a systematic and analytical study of work, process and work methods with the objective of increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

Importance of Work Study

The main concern of work study is to improve productivity of existing jobs and maximize productivity in the design of future jobs within the constraints. Work study helps to reduce waste through standardization of qualitative, and quantitative elements of a job. It aids in increasing industrial, productivity through job standardization.

Objectives of work study

Work study is designed to achieve the following objectives

(i) The optimum use of plant and equipment,

(ii) The most effective utilization of human effort,

(iii) Determination of efficient work methods,

(iv) The evaluation of human work,

(v) Establishment of standards of performance.

Work study is a vital tool of improving productivity and cost effectiveness. It helps in the elimination of inefficient and unnecessary activities and time. It results in the simplification and standardization of operations. It es time and effort. It assists management in the optimum utilization of human and physical resources.

Work study makes improvements in the area of

(a) work environment,

(b) plant layout,

(c) material handling,

(d) employee safety, and

(e) equipment

Major Components of Work study

The scope of work study is very wide. Mainly, it incorporates the two things.

A.Method Study

B. Work Measurement

A.Method Study : Objective of this is to develop the best method of doing the work.

Tools in Method Study includes:

1 Motion study

2. Facilities Layout

3. Work Simplification

4. Flow Process chart

5. Ergonomics (human Engineering)

Result from Work Study : Obtaining Improved methods, equipment and sequence

User:  Work designing and development of work methods, estimation of unnecessary fatigue, standardization of Plant Layout and working conditions. .

B. Work Measurement: Objectives of this is to study the work content of a job

Tools in Work Measurement includes:

1. Time study

2. Work Sampling

3. Time Recording

4. Setting Time Standard

5. Work Estimation

6. Synthetics

Result from Work Measuremrnt: Getting Time Standard

User: It is helpful in Cost estimation, production scheduling, incentive planning etc

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