Production Management

Objectives and Benefits of Quality Control

Objectives of Quality Control:

The ultimate objectives of quality control is to provide products which are dependable, satisfactory and economical. A quality control system is designed to ensure economical production of products of uniform quality which is acceptable to the customer.

Benefits of Quality Control

An effective quality control programme provides the following benefits to a business concern :

(i) Scrap, rework and other losses are minimized.

(ii) As a result costs of materials and labour are reduced.

(iii) Uniformity and reliability of products help in increasing sales turnover.

(iv) Higher quality can be produced by reducing variability and production bottlenecks.

(v) Inspection costs and customer complaints are reduced.

(vi) Quality consciousness and operating efficiency are increased.

(vii) From national viewpoint, manpower and other resources are conserved.

All these savings can be utilized to improve profits, to improve product quality and to reduce prices to the customer, hence, serving the society at large. In modern age of competition, no business enterprise can overlook tile quality of production.

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