How to Publicize Your Company (Part 1)

Being an in the media, they either electronic or not, can be very beneficial for your business. Publicize your business is a goal and an interesting project, both in the short and the long term. Indeed, a small television appearance a few minutes can reach millions of people. We can then extrapolate and consider that some of these same people could become your customers. One of the popular designs is that companies and entrepreneurs in the media we see have budgets in communication and marketing in excess of six figures. Yet this is not true. Let us explain why and advise you on how to publicize your business.

To be part of this entrepreneurial group that is publicized and attracted the attention of journalists, it is not very complex. You only need to know the interest and sending them information that will attract their attention and pique their curiosity. This is the usefulness of press releases. These can greatly benefit companies and as an entrepreneur, not just at the notorietyYou need to know the existence of press releases to publicize your business. You are free to use them then.

First start by demystifying myths and to tour some issues . Conventional thinking to the media, you may be saying things like:

I know nothing to the media and did not have any contact that could make me go on television
I do not know how to present my company in the media, while my competitors do
I do not know how to get in contact with journalists or find the contact information to contact
I do not know how to interest journalists in my business
I’m not sure that my company is  worthy of appearing in the media
I do not know how to make a press release and you have received a lot of different advice
I’m tired of having to spend on advertising ROI near 0.
I do not have a budget, it is impossible to pay press secretary and impossible to communicate with the media.

In short, you want to publicize your business but the process remains unclear and you need help to get results.

Many entrepreneurs seeking to publicize their businesses and were in the same situation as you. Now, these entrepreneurs are present in the media and have good media activity. Some companies even manage to live only with their media presence. Initially, these entrepreneurs had no way to publicize their business, not budgets, contact in the media world and instructions to contact journalists. They asked the same questions and do not know where to begin.

It is important to understand that when one wants to publicize his business, it should be done in stages. There is no need to spend a fortune by hiring a press officer in communications agencies providing release services of presses and press kits. This is the case even for business coaches and others like services. It is understood that this is not a question of budget.

You must learn and books are a good source of knowledge. Read the best books in the field and use your analytical mind. We recommend the following books:

Understanding the strategic power of the media
Knowing how to communicate with the press
The Guide of influence: communication and media

A contractor is not a journalist or employee of the field of the press. Only someone who understood how to effectively publicize its activities regularly. The word effectively is important here. Invest $ 500 in a bad press release or a press release poorly structured, it’s like taking it and putting recycling.

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