How to Find A Cheap Accountant

It is not always easy to find an accountant who offers its services at low prices. A cheap accountant is not any street corner. We must be able to look in the right place and know exactly c can be expected as the lowest price from an accountant. Therefore, we will head in your search for a cheap accountant.

Where to Find Cheap Accountant
You will not find cheap accountants in an office or business. You must target accounting-employed or students in Accounting. Indeed, the accounting firm and those who already have a well-paid job will not make you your cheap accounting. By cons, an accountant who work alone and that is lack of work gladly drop his hourly rate to suit your needs. Some students will also be very happy to do your accounting, since this will make them an income and make the practice. Depending on your needs, some schools often offer clinics in tax tax time or they fulfill your tax return for free or against a small compensation. Although rare, there are also volunteer accountants who give their time freely to do your accounting.

How to Find Cheap Accountant
You will be able to find cheap accountants in several ways. Browse classified ads in your local newspaper in the economy section or accounting is a good start. You can also visit classifieds sites on the internet like Kijiji or Craigslist, for example, in the corresponding section, look for accountants who will make you your accounts to smaller price. It’s also a good idea to post an announcement stating your needs.

It’s also a good idea to post an announcement on independent workers how Freelancer sites or Odesk to find a worker. Indeed, most workers attending its sites from countries outside the West. These workers often accept smaller compensation against their work since they benefit from the exchange rate of the currency.
If you still have trouble finding, ask your family and friends if they would not know an accountant who would be willing to make a cheap accounting.

Minimum you will pay
Not counting foreign workers, it will be difficult to convince an accountant to do your accounts below $ 17 an hour. Indeed, a professional accountant working only minimally charged $ 40-50 per hour. In case the rates are still too high and you needs are not very complex, basic accounting is not very complicated to learn and as an investment for the future.

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