SEO concepts for beginners around

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which is a common term for website owners or developers. SEO, somebody might think a  very simple work which could be done or result could be seen in a day. In fact , none is true.

SEO is a time consuming effort, the result of which may be derived or viewed in months together. In a website SEO may comprise the following things to do:

Keyword Research: Finding the best keyword under the business niche which will drive traffic to your website.

Keyword Density: Optimum keyword should be 3-17% of the total contents but unnecessary keyword stuffing may be termed as spamming.

Title Optimization: The titles of contents must hold keywords to be understandable by search engines. It is better to be in the first part of the title.

Image Optimization: Since images are not recognized by search engines if you do not rename them with respect to keywords under your niche.

Meta Keywords: This is a debatable issue. Some beliefs meta tags are no longer used by search engines but others still use in their site. I follow the later method.

Meta Description:This tag will represent your site contents to Search Engines, what is your site about? I think an essential element in SEO.

Internal/External Links or Back links: If your site has external links with high PR sites then your page rank will also go up. Internal links will create link farming inside the site and create impression on SE. There are many other issues relating to SEO which I will discuss later.

You may contact professional SEO companies for you site which may cost you a monthly or a contract basis and may range from $200-$2500 per month. After all, SEO is an indispensable part of a site.

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