The Impact of Leadership and Motivation in Companies

Nowadays, one of the main issues addressed in organizations is the leadership and motivation. Leaders can provide an additional energy to their teams because that will help people and companies to grow and progress faster.

It is not enough to have a high-end Human Resources management with excellent career plans and good salaries. You need a leader who makes people feel motivated and committed, get close to their work-group, who speaks their own language, who can interact at various levels of the organization, who is respected and listened to by all.

That required time to listen, encourage and motivate your people comes seldom because of the vertiginous routine of daily life. Fatigue, stress and lack of communication goes in one direction and motivation and leadership goes in another. People who are well led and motivated will be very enthusiastic and committed. Even in cases where some employees, not entirely satisfied with their remuneration, talked about the values ​​of the organization and its team.

What characteristics should have the leaders of today? Listening, respect and understanding other, empathy, understanding other’s problems, understanding other generations and their own languages, being able to create an adequate environment and the good ways when acting and communicating. It is very important to guide the people who work with us to achieve a good balance between personal life and work life. Do not think that everyone can do it naturally and understand if the situation overflows at some point.

In the event that the people on your team are older, you must respect them and learn from their experience. In the case of young people who enter a company today, many times they spend years until seniors define their area. They act as a guides.

Leadership begins just when a manager cares about each member of his team rather than himself. As a consequence, people will recognize themselves beyond the pre-established conditions of the company. If the organizations form leaders, the ideal would be to provide special emphasis on training them and then the best results will be derived.

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