The Importance of Advertising in a Business Development

Any profit company seeks to maximize its profits to meet the needs of its shareholders and stakeholders, often through a combination of increased sales and controlling its operating expenses. Advertising is, in some small and medium enterprises, an element that is overlooked and that is not exploited to its full potential due to lack of prioritization or knowledge internally. Yet advertising can afford, more often than not achieve one of its two objectives: increasing the revenue of the company.

Trademark and Advertising

The trademark of concepts, also known under the name branding, and advertising are closely linked. To publicize its brand and therefore its products and services, a company has several choices. Several companies are limited to word of mouth and good reputation to get new customers, without exploiting the power of advertising, while it is possible to combine the two to maximize the increase in revenues.

A strong trademark combined with a marketing strategy using advertising can be a very effective way to generate traffic and find new customers and more original way to attract professional talent and human capital quality in your business. Indeed, a company known to the public with a good reputation will be a natural tendency to attract the best talent in the industry only because it has a positive connotation in the minds of a particular community and the general population.

In the current technological environment, advertising is projected through several types of media (radio, website, television, social networking) and can be extremely targeted which can allow a company to invest money in advertising to reach and develop very specific market segments and therefore to take advantage of business opportunities in its market quickly and efficiently.

Developing an Advertising Strategy

Some agencies advertising and marketing, as the Boomerang Effect for example, specialize in the development of sales strategy and development primarily results-oriented advertising campaigns. It’s easy to create attractive ads, yet it is another challenge to convert interested customers into sales.

Give this workload to professionals in the field can be beneficial for SMEs who want to have a positive and effective advertising that maximizes every dollar invested in advertising. Indeed, entrepreneurs usually have no training in the field and therefore a lack of domain knowledge.

In the case of a company in start that counts on an advertising strategy for future growth, it is essential that the money invested in advertising produces tangible returns that the company will reinvest or pay its shareholders. For example, investing a substantial amount in a poorly structured advertising is often not effective use of funds and may even have a negative effect on customer perception of the company.

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