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Top 10 Definitions of Production Planning and Control

Production Planning and Control has been defined by many process specialists. Top ten Definitions of Production Planning and Control have been presented in this article:

1. According to Gordon B. Carson :

Production planning and control involves, generally the organization and planning of the manufacturing process. Specifically, it consists of the planning of routing, scheduling, dispatching and inspection, co-ordination and the control of materials, methods, machines, tooling and operating times. The ultimate objectives is the organization of the supply and movement of materials and labour, machine utilization and related activities, in order to bring about the desired manufacturing results in terms of quantity, time and place.

2. According to Spriegel and Lansburgh

Production control is the process of planning production in advance of operations; establishing the exact route of each individual item, part or assembly, setting, starting and finishing dates for each important item, assembly and the finished products; and releasing the necessary order as well as initiating the required follow-up to effectuate the smooth functioning of the enterprise.

3. According to Alford and Beatty :

Production planning and control comprise the planning, routing, scheduling, dispatching and follow up function in the productive process, as organized that the movements of material, performance of machines and operations of labour, however, subdivided, are direct and coordinated as to quantity, quality, time and place. It is adopting as business principle the old saying “plan your work and work your plan.

4. According to James L. Lundy

Basically, the production control function involves the co- ordination and integration of the factors of production for optimum efficiency. Overall sales orders or plans must be translated into specific schedules and assigned so as to occupy all work centers but overload none. The job can be done, formally in which case elaborate charting and filing techniques are used, or it can be done informally, with individual’s thoughts and retention thereof subplanting tangible aids.

5. According to Lawrence L. Bethel, Franklin S. Atwater, George H.E. Smith and Harvey A. Stackman Jr. :

Production planning takes a given product or line of products and organizes in advance the manpower, material, machines and money required for a predetermined output in a given period of time. It starts with a product concept capable of being manufactured, a general ides of the process by which it can be made and a sales forecast for the discernible future….

6. According to Charles A. Koepke

Production planning and control may be defined as : The co- ordination of a series of functions according to a plan which will, economically utilize the plant facilities and regulate the orderly movement of goods through their entire manufacturing cycle, from the procurement of all materials to the shipping of finished goods at a predetermined rate.

7. According to Alford. L.P. & Bangs, Jr.

“The highest efficiency in production is obtained by manufacturing the required quantity of Product, of the required quality, at the required time, by the best and Cheapest method.

8. According to Alford and Beatty. :

Production Planning and Control comprise the planning, routing and follow-up functions in the productive process so organized that thee Performance of machines and operation of labour, however subdivided are directed as to quantity, quality, time and place.

9. According to G.B. Carson:

Production Planning & Control involves generally the organization and planning of manufacturing process Specifically, it consists of the control of materials, , a methods machines, tools and operation times.

10. According to S. Elon :

Production Planning and control may be defined AS the direction and co-ordination of the firm a material and physical facilities towards the attainment of pre-specific production goals in the moist efficient available way.

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