Top 10 Most Expensive Jeans In The World 2017

Jeans is been one of the most used and popular attire especially among young generation who definitely love to wear new style and outfits which enable various jeans makers to put their stocks in the row. Well, it is about things that are considered to be most wearable stuff in present time since decades and numerous brands even thousands are available in market with distinct attributes and quality standards to meet the desired needs of its customers.

Here, we have discussed some of the most expensive jeans in the world which will blow your mind with the fact that some of jeans’ collections are too old but still have their own worth to be among pricey brands around the corner just because of supreme materials, top weaves, and rarest batches of fabrics. In fact, some didn’t prefer new things and styles but always stick on the quality and excellence that matters most, there are number of brands that you not only listen about but hopefully using them to take the luxurious experience of class and comfy.

10: 7 for all Mankind ($298)

Founded by Peter Koral, Michael Glasser, and Jerome Dahan 7 for All Mankind was first company to bring premium denim to scale in fall 2000. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California 7 for all Mankind stepped in with high quality, innovative use of fabrics, extreme fit and finishes in denim left everyone on the dark side of the floor. Nicknamed Sevens quite easily became favorite outfit of Hollywood celebrities while many of stylists and fashion designers love to work for the most lavish brand making it an international brand with over hundreds retail outlets. 7 For all Mankind is considered as one of expensive jeans in the world with the price tag of 8300 approximately giving its best to secure the loyalty of its customers.

9: Earnest Sewn Custom Fit ($1,000)

Earnest Sewn is another top brand in jeans profile that sets itself as one of high quality luxury brand with its compelling concept and lifestyle identity. Placed in New York it is being designed by es- Paper, Denim & Cloth designer known as Scott Morrison who perfectly named it among the top ranked and most expensive jeans brands on the planet. Earnest Sewn can be described as the name of excellence following high-end finish and fine fabric, dedicated and obvious pride that emphasized on workmanship and commitment to authenticity. Earnest Sewn reputation can be analyzed through that many of world famous celebrities love to wear the brand because of its soothe and comfort.

8: Roberto Cavalli ($1,200)

Luxury Italian fashion house Roberto Cavalli is one of most expensive jeans brand in the world with cost of $1,200 for an outfit that is not only attire but something that really pays its cost in form of quality and superiority. The Milan based brand founded by an Italian fashion designer of same name who is famous for striking prints and his sand-blasted look for jeans. Cavalli is synonyms of class and luxury that truly reflect the lavishness and magnificence through its glorious stuff that is been reached worldwide because of superb designs, astonishing fabric and eye-catching fit that would be the only prerequisite of any personality from such brand.

7: Dolce & Gabbana ($1,200)

Dolce & Gabbana is name whose essence lies in its divergent features, a brand of new luxury, authentic and unconventional style that conveys new forms of stylishness and grace by presenting itself as a modern classicism by offering superior sartorial content and creativity. Another expensive jeans brand that owns unmistakable style and fashion founded by Italian designer Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana.

The brand is serving its customers all around the globe by following the region based creativity and style that undoubtedly described as luxuriousness and splendor. With price tag of $1,200 Dolce & Gabbana offers some of extreme and exclusive range that often looks pricey but nothing contrary to fineness and excellence.

6: Gucci ($3,100)

Leading, pioneering and innovative Gucci is luxury Italian fashion house that offer numerous goods including jeans and almost all of people listen about it because of its popularity all over the world. Gucci stands among the top expensive jeans brands following wholly modern approach to fashion in 21st century, if it is said that Gucci introduces the words like innovation, creativity and imagination on the floor of fashion that there isn’t anything wrong about it. Its collections reflect exclusivity, passion, craftsmanship, superiority and uniqueness that are really exceptional due to its high-end quality that commonly worn by numerous high-profile celebrities on the planet.

5: APO Jeans ($4,000)

The visionary brand APO Jeans is among the most expensive brands in the world which is something for those who love to wear more than designer jeans. APO Jeans is the synonym of affluence, luxury and status especially for people think of elite casual wear, super-sexy, hand-jeweled jeans costs more than $4,000 approximately exactly fit the demand. APO Jeans are exclusively personalized designer jeans which features silver, platinum, gold, and diamond buttons including rivets that offers creativity, innovation and lavishness. The quality it caters is endless which can be described as worthless as many of celebrities are keen to use the APO Jeans which gave them feeling of extraordinary and astonishing.

4: Escada ($10,000)

German luxury clothing house Escada wa founded in 1978 by Megha Mittal considered as one of world’s leading luxury women wear brands. Escada refers to modishness, glamour, and sensual femininity which present sophisticated quality, workmanship, and exceptional fit that in fact a lifestyle that can only be imagined by users. Escada stand among to most expensive jeans brand all around the globe with cost of $10,000 having more than 1100 store over 80 countries. The brand stepped of with remarkable combinations of colors patterns, elite embroidery, and richly designed knitted fashions that named it foremost choice of every person stipulates uniqueness and superiority.

3: Levi Strauss & Co. 501

The California based American clothing giant known as Levi’s founded in 1853, practices the things that are beyond the expectation by making denim fantastically fit with refined finishes elaborating fine colors and prints. Levi’s is serving in almost every corner of world becoming the most popular and renowned jeans brands on the
planet following its class and quality that everyone eager to wear the stuff. Having a price tag of $60,000, Levi
Strauss & Co. listed among most expensive jeans brand in the World using pioneering, sustainable and progressive clothing that are incomparable. Levi Strauss works on simple principle like to value their customer and offer exclusively that other are thinking about.

2: Dussault Apparel Thrashed
Denim ($250,000)

Dussault Apparel blew the competition out of the water with their Thrashed Denim Line justifies luxury jeans by offering outrageously expensive jeans collection that is up to $250,000. Yes, you read it right that Thrashed Denim from Dussault Apparel is one of most expensive jeans brand in the world which is handmade having thirteen washes which process of dying and painting performed between each washing.

The pair of Trashed Denim jeans has sixteen 1-carat rubies, 26 rubies, eight diamonds and 1080 grams of 18k white or rose gold that made it elite and exclusive only for those who ready to pay massive package of money from their pockets.

1: Secret Circus ($1.3 million)
The top expensive jeans in the world featuring embellishments Secret Circus offers denim that is diamond encrusted costs not more than but $1.3 million approximately. In fact, Secret Circus ready to empty your pocket if you want a unique pattern of 15 diamonds exclusively arranged into the back pockets of the jeans with fine finish.

It is nothing much to cost massive sum because the lavishness and practices couldn’t be found anywhere in the
whole world. The design of secret circus is no doubt enough classic to seduce every rich to wear it which refers to affluence, prosperity and leading luxury jeans.

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