Top 7 Famous Celebrity Accountants in the World

History tells that the first real book on accounting concepts came from Luca Pacioli, a Franciscan scholar from the Columbus area. Part of his work published in 1494 which contained concepts of accounting used in Venice in the 1400s.

In the light of historical facts, there are several famous celebrities who have made their career as accountants, but here you will find some interesting surprises on their other activities which made them celebrity.

1. John Grisham
This novelist is well known for having been a Lawyer before being an author. What is less known to you is the fact that his first degree was completed in Accounting. It was some years later when Grisham decided to study Law, yet found the inspiration to write his first novel.

2. Kenny Gorelick
This famous Saxophone player completed a Degree program in Accounting at the University of Washington. During his studies, he was already a recognized musician, otherwise, a music celebrity.

3. Bob Newhart
This comic got his first job as an accountant in the city of Chicago after leaving the Army. Newhart was a creative accountant: when the accounts did not balance, he did balance by adding money from his own pocket. While working as an accountant Newhart started to develop his acting career.

4. Gibby Haynes
It may be hard to believe that the singer of the popular band Butthole Surfers finished his degree in Accounting at Trinity University. He was even awarded Accounting Student of the Year in addition to being the captain of the basketball team of the University. Before founding the Butthole Surfers, Haynes has worked for over a year in an accounting firm.

5. Tim DuBois

Although you may not recognize the name at first, this famous accountant is known as “The Singing Accountant” in his country. He is currently the president of Arista Records who worked as an Accountant for several years.

6. Walter Diemer
The inventor of bubble gum worked as an accountant for Fleer in the 1920s in his free time, he invented the recipe, which eventually led to the invention of the eraser.

7. Arthur Blank
This famous book is well known as the owner of the Atlanta Falcons and as the founder of Home Depot. What is less known is that his first degree was in accounting, which has clearly helped to spend the fortune that the foundation of Home Depot brought him over the years.

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