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Travel Chart and Its Application in Business Operations

Travel chart is in the form of a two-way table or matrix. The number of backward movements are shown below the thick diagonal line xy and the forward movements are indicated above the line. This chart represents the movements of materials as they travel in the process of being converted into finished products. It shows the origin of movement, the direction of movements and the destination of materials. It represents visually useful data for methods study and plant layout.

Application of Travel Chart

A travel chart has the following uses:

(a) A travel chart shows the mutual dependence of dependence of departments and their relative self-sufficiency.

(b) It is a valuable aid in analyzing and visually showing the flow and end use of materials.

(c) It indicates inter-relationship between different product lines.

(d) it is helpful in planning mutes and materials handling systems so as to reduce manufacturing cycles.

(e) It is useful in speeding up flow of materials so as to reduce work-in-process and inventory control problems.

(f) A travel chart assists in planning location of production departments so as to make best use of available floor space.

(g) It is a device for reducing material handling and labor costs.

(h) It is a useful tool for comparing alternative layouts so as to plan the best layout for the plant.

Thus, a travel chart is a complete picture of the travel of materials from the stores room to the shipping department. It helps in deciding the location of producing sections in relation to each other, specially in functional layout so as to minimize transport cost on materials.

Travel chart and its application in business operations

For example, in the travel chart given above BF and CD departments having maximum weights (4 each) require highest proximity to each other. Next in priority of proximity are BD and DF combinations in layout. Travel chart is very useful in highlighting the distance, the volume that materials have to be moved among the different work stations :Ms information guides the layout engineer in devising the best arrangement of facilities optimize the flow of materials.

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