What are Combined Transport Documents

Combined transport Documents:  A combined transport document or multi-modal transport document is the outcome of the development in transport technology manifested in the form of containerization, palletization, etc.

A combined  transport document provides for continued responsibility of the transport operator for sea as well as land journey. Provisions included in the current revision of the UCP taking note of the development are contained in Article 26. Generally the following documents are acceptable:

(a) which indicates &place of taking in charge different from the port of lading and/or a place of final destination different from the port of discharge; and

(b) relates to cargoes such as those in containers or on pallets and the like.

Case 1: A customer has submitted two sets of shipping documents drawn under an irrevocable letter of credit confirmed by you and calling for ‘on Board of Lading’. It has been observed that In the first set of documents the bill of lading contains a clause ‘Intended vessel SS SHIVSAGAR’.

Case 2: In the case of second set of documents, the bill of lading states ‘Goods received for shipment’. Explain the amendments to the letter of credit or alterations to the bills of lading, necessary to enable you to negotiate these documents bearing in mind the provisions of Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits.

Ans: In both the cases, the bills of lading are indicative that the goods have been received for Shipment. Where the letter of credit calls for an ‘on board’ bill of lading, such bills of lading should not be accepted.

It the bills of lading, as presented, should be accepted, the letter of credit should be amended to permit acceptance of ‘received for shipment’ bill of lading instead of the original requirement of ‘on board’ bill of lading. Without the amendment to the letter of credit, the bills of lading can be accepted  for negotiation provided they bear an endorsement by the shipping company that goods have been put ‘on board’.

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