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What Is Meant By Delivered At Frontier (DAF)

Delivered At Frontier (DAF) means that the seller delivers when the goods are placed at the disposal of the buyer on the arriving means of transport not unloaded, cleared for export, but not cleared for import at the name point and place at the frontier, but before the customs border of the adjoining country. The term frontier may be used for any frontier including that of the country of export. (Incoterms 2017)

 Under this contract, the seller’s obligations are fulfilled when the goods have arrived at the frontier, but before the customs border of the adjoining country. To avoid misunderstanding, the parties may indicate:

  • The countries separated that frontier, and
  • The name of place of delivery; for example -delivered at Canada USA Frontier.

The seller should arrange for packing the goods, checking operations where required procure exchange control authorization, if any, required for exportation of the goods, contract for transportation of the goods to the place named in the contract and hear all risks and expenses up to this stage.

If no particular point (station. pier. quay, wharf, warehouse as the case may be) as the named place of delivery is stipulated in the contract, the seller may choose any point for delivery. He should provide the goods at the frontier.

In this case, the document may be a transport document or warehouse warrant. He may assist the buyer, at the latter’s request and, cost in obtaining other documents that may be required. The buyer should arrange for taking delivery of the goods at the frontier. He should obtain import license and pay import duties, taxes and fees that may he required for this purpose.

Documents required under Delivered At Frontier (DAF) contracts are as follows:

  • Document of transport or warehouse warrant.
  • Invoice, and
  • (c) Other documents as required by the buyer.

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