What is Strategic Evaluation and Control?

What is Strategic Evaluation and Control? Strategic evaluation and control is linked to that aspect of strategic management through which an organization ensures whether it is achieving its objectives Contemplated in the strategic action. If not, what corrective actions are required for strategic effectiveness.

What is Strategic Evaluation and Control? “Evaluation of strategy is that phase of the strategic manage­ment process in which the top managers determine whether their strategic choice as implemented is meeting the objectives of the enterprise.”–Glueck and Jauch

There are two aspects in this phase of strategic management: evaluation which emphasizes measurement of results of a strategic action and control which emphasizes on taking necessary actions in the light of gap that exists between intended results and actual results in the strategic action.

However, because of on-going nature of strategic evaluation and control process both these are intertwined. In practice, the term control is used in a broad sense which includes evaluative aspect too because unless the results of an action are known, control actions cannot be taken.

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