12 Leadership Qualities That Make You an Effective Executive

Generally when talking about leadership we evoke the memory of a great charismatic leader who sweeps away crowds- such as Mahatma Gandhi, Pope John Paul II, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman or another similar figure. We believe that groups are formed around leaders and a leader will lead a group of people to the successful completion of a specific task. A person need many leadership qualities to prove him as a true leader.

Leadership Qualities That Make You an Effective Executive

A leader has different qualities, among them we can mention the following:

1. He knows his work perfectly and has complete control of all those he supervises.
2. Use his ability to direct and not his authority. It explains not only how things should be done, but also why and when, based on circumstances.
3. Give clear instructions and make sure that they have been well understood by the followers.
4. Do not scream. High voices and boasts of authority indicate the fear of being disobeyed.
5. Know the activities and performance of each of his subordinates and judge them honestly.
6. Appreciate and recognize effort and improvement of tasks assigned.
7. He reprimands and corrects the fault respecting the subordinates /persons.
8. Assuming responsibilities, he shows personal interest in everyone, is loyal to everyone – both subordinates and superiors.
9. Keep promises as best as possible and do not promise what he cannot do.
10. He has no bias and is always ready to hear the explanations of others, tries to understand their points of views.
11. Do not blame others.

12. He is always willing to favor his subordinates when necessary.

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