Benefits Of Dread Disease Insurance in Germany

Dread Disease Benefit Insurance in Germany

A Dread Disease insurance protects against the financial consequences of serious illnesses. Every year, there are more than one million new cases of disease in Germany alone, based on the five most common diseases. This fact shows that the risk of suffering from a serious disease (Dread Disease) is higher than many people think.

Benefits Of Dread Disease Insurance in Germany

In the event of an illness, one’s own financial existence quickly becomes in danger, especially if one is unable to work because of illness for a longer period of time. The cost of living, which is already above average in Munich, of course, continue in the case of illness and related unemployment. To end this, dread disease insurances exist which is Insurance against critical diseases.

A Dread Disease insurance is a personal insurance, in the case of the diagnosis of a serious illness an agreed insurance sum is given to the policyholder. In this way financial losses, which can be caused by a disease, are noticeably cushioned. Ultimately, the life insurance policy of the policyholder can be held in Munich by means of a corresponding insurance policy in the event of a case. The insurance case for a Dread Disease insurance comes with the diagnosed illness. For this reason it is indispensable whether or not there is a disability in this case.

The Dread Disease insurance as a supplement to the BU insurance

In contrast to a BU insurance, in the case of a Dread Disease insurance, no monthly pension is paid in the event of a case. However, as a result of the one-time payment, which was previously stipulated by the contract, the policyholder is able to offset the costs incurred in the event of a serious illness. Likewise, the financing of a property in Munich can still be pursued, even if the policyholder should not be able to work for a certain period of time. Possibly because of the illness also the apartment or the house in Munich has to be appropriately converted, which can be quite an expensive undertaking.

This is also the case, for example, with further loans for a car or other valuables. In spite of health restrictions, the policyholder retains sufficient financial freedom through a Dread Disease insurance.

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