Legal Protection Insurance is Indispensable for Individuals In Europe

Legal Expenses Insurance- A Remedy to Legal hassles

Legal expenses insurance (LEI) is otherwise known as legal protection insurance which is popular in major parts of Europe. A legal protection insurance is indispensable for private individuals starts from 7 € per month!

The conclusion of a legal protection insurance can save you immense costs – similar to the household or liability insurance. Police are frequently called to traffic accidents several times a day. The debt issue is quickly resolved.

Nevertheless, those affected often need advocacy support in order to be able to fulfill their needs. The attorneys’ fees are calculated according to the amount of damage and are quickly several hundred euros. This cost risk can be excluded by the conclusion of a traffic protection insurance. In addition to detailed initial counseling, the legal and judicial costs arising in the case of litigation are also borne if the prospects for success are positive.

But also outside of road traffic, there are increasingly confronted with legal disputes. The number of processes is steadily increasing in the courts. A large number of these cases could be avoided if the parties to the dispute were more aware of the current legal situation.

What other forms of legal protection insurance are there?

Whether the warning or denunciation on the part of the employer or the legal dispute with the landlord, there can be legal disputes in almost every life situation. The insurance companies therefore primarily offer combined packages. In the so-called family law protection, employment protection, criminal law protection and anti-corruption law protection are included as important building blocks.

In order to be able to fight a dispute with his landlord also in court, the right to rent should be included in the scope of insurance.

Those who have opted for the conclusion of a legal protection insurance can opt for an ever-growing contract offer. The general terms and conditions are the same for all legal expenses insurance companies. There are differences in the amount of the deductible and any discretionary benefits or special benefits.

The deductible can be circumvented by some insurance companies if a so-called partner lawyer of the insurer is used in the dispute. Anyone who has established a trustworthy relationship with his / her previous attorney should therefore check before the conclusion of the contract whether it is listed in the legal list of its legal expenses insurance.

In principle, it remains to be noted that a legal protection insurance is not one of the unconditional mandatory insurance companies. However, it makes it possible to exercise its right to a court without having regard to its own financial situation.

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