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Best Accounting Audit Software – 2016 Review

In the field of accounting audit, there is not a great variety of software available to professionals. Audit software helps the auditor in performing the audit, mission review or compilation engagements with his client. Some software is very popular and widespread, while others have interesting features but are less known to the public.

So we present the best accounting audit software currently on the market. Best Accounting Audit Softwares in 2016 are:

1. CaseWare IDEA

CaseWare Audit software is best known in accounting firms, developed by idea software and as if the most used. This professional software offers several features such as comparison, merging and organization of documents and evidential items from different sources, identifying transactions, spreads and double handwriting. It is not one of the best accounting audit software for no reason. CaseWare also allows the presentation of accounting data in graph and makes it easy to sample creation in several ways.

The vast majority of large accounting firms that do not use in-house developed software are turning to as CaseWare software. Moreover, new employees of firms generally have detailed training on arrival in the company to learn how this audit software and be able to use it correctly and effectively in the context of their work.
To obtain the audit software CaseWare, simply contact the company via their website. It is also possible to request a trial version of the software.

2. COBIT Advisor
Even though COBIT Advisor can take place of CaseWare, this software can also provide added interesting  features that will allow saving time and avoid additional costs of the accounting firms. It is one of the best accounting audit software as it allows to collect the repository Cobit (Control Objectives for Information and related Technology) and automatically apply to the company.

COBIT Advisor automatically creates reports on significant issues, such as internal control system, for example. This accounting audit software can easily represent the issues that to be addressed and increase the strengths of the enterprise IT. The software is relatively accessible in terms of use and saves time on repetitive aspects of audits.It is possible to acquire this audit software on the site Methodware, the software developer.

3. Révisaudit
Révisaudit is an accounting audit software developed in France and is used a lot out there, unlike in Quebec or it seems unknown to all. One must mention it in the best software accounting audit since it offers a lot of features you would expect from a professional audit software, either already prepared report libraries, audit programs ready be used, etc. The software is updated on a regular basis is not taking time to understand. Indeed, navigation inside the software is rather simple.

It is possible to get Révisaudit on the company website. The price is relatively expensive, but the software can be a safe alternative to CaseWare for smaller firms not having the means to have CaseWare and having no audit software houses. This software could be a good update for several firms that still use accounting software that audits, one might believe, date back to the Stone Age.

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