Company Car Policy of Sonata Limited

We are pleased to forward you the Company Car Policy/Vehicle Policy. Please familiarize yourself with these procedures and refer to them when needed. If you have any questions, please contact the Human Resources Department. Additional copies are available at the Human Resources Department on the 2nd floor of  Sonata Limited, Corporate Headquarters.

We look forward to your continued support and cooperation.


 I acknowledge that I have received a copy of  Company Car Policy /Vehicle Policy of Sonata Limited . I acknowledge that I have read it thoroughly and can describe the purpose and effect of the Company Car Policy/Vehicle Policy. I agree that if there is any policy or provision that I do not understand, I will seek clarification from the Human Resources Department. In addition, I understand that this Handbook states Sonata’s vehicle policies and practices in effect from November 1, 2012. I understand that nothing contained in the Company Car Policy/Vehicle Policy may be construed as creating a promise of future benefits or a binding contract with Sonata for benefits or for any other purpose. I also understand that these policies and procedures are continually evaluated and may be amended, modified or terminated at any time.

 Please sign and date this receipt and return it to the Human Resources Department.

 Date: _______________________________

 Signature: ___________________________

 Print Name: __________________________

 Employee ID: _________________________

Table of Contents of Company Car Policy/Vehicle Policy

1.0 Vehicle Pool Eligibility
2.0 Vehicle Pool Services
2.1 Pick and Drop Services
2.2 Second Lift Services
2.3 Route Change
2.4 Sixth Day Pick and Drop Services
2.5 Official Use of Vehicle within City
2.6 Official Use of Vehicle outside City
2.7 Personal Use of Vehicle Services
3.0 Vehicle Maintenance
3.1 Log Books/Sheets
3.2 Accident, Theft, Damage or Loss
3.3 Equipment Purchases
3.4 Fuel
3.5 Repair Work
4.0 Traffic Laws and Requirements
5.0 Vehicle Policy Enforcement
6.0 Forms
6.1 Pick and Drop Form
6.2 Vehicle Route Change Form
6.3 Vehicle Requisition for Second Lift Form
6.4 Vehicle Requisition for Sixth Day Form
6.5 Vehicle Requisition for Official Use within City Form
6.6 Vehicle Requisition for Official Use outside City Form
6.7 Vehicle Requisition for Personal Use Form
6.8 Vehicle Requisition Cancellation Form
6.9 Vehicle Expenses Reimbursement Form

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