Company Car Policy- Pick and Drop Service

Company Car Policy – Pick and Drop Service

2.0 Vehicle Pool Services
Pick and Drop Service (s) , Second Lift, and Sixth Day Pick and Drop Services are available for employees who do not reside in the immediate area. Eligible employees may avail the transportation services outlined below.

2.1 Pick and Drop Service
Eligible employees will be picked up near their home at designated pick up locations. They will also be dropped off at the same locations at the end of the day.
Site Name                Reporting Time             Ending Time           Second Lift Time
Head Office                          8:30 am                                           5:00 pm                                 7:30 pm
Plant    1                                  8:00 am                                           5:00 pm                                 7:30 pm & 9:30 pm
Plant     2                                8:00 am                                            4:30 pm                                 7:30 pm & 9:30 pm

2.1.1 New Employees
In order to use the Pick and Drop Service, new employees must fill out a “Pick and Drop Service Form”, available at the Human Resources Division. The Department Head of the employee must approve the request before it is returned to Human Resources Division.

2.1.2 Pick Up
Vehicles will be required to be in the office by the site specific Reporting Time as outlined in the table above and pick up times will be based accordingly. If the employee is not at their designated pick up location at the designated time, the vehicle will leave, and the employee will be expected to reach the office on his or her own expense. The Company will not pay for conveyance in such case.

2.1.3 Drop Off
All vehicles will leave Sonata premises 10 minutes after the site specific Ending Time as outlined in the table above. If the employee is not on the vehicle by this time, the vehicle will leave, and the employee will be expected to return home at his or her own expense, except in the case of Second Lift Services, after the Department Head has approved their overstay/overtime.


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