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3.5 Repair Work of Company Car : Managers entitled with cars should avail any repair work under CU 5,000.00 and bill it accordingly for reimbursement by the Company upon submission of original receipts. For all repair work of company car above CU 5,000.00, the manager must inform HRD that the repair work will be needed. HRD will then schedule the work and direct the manger or the manager’s driver to the garage where the repair work will be carried out. All repair work of above CU 5,000.00 will be assessed at the Company assigned garages, and based on the quotation, which will specify the details of repair, namely origin of spare part, cost, etc, the decision will be made by HRD.

4.0 Traffic Laws and Requirements
4.1 An employee or driver who receives a traffic citation for driving under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs, is subject to the revocation or suspension of his or her Company driving privileges.
4.2 The failure to obey any applicable traffic laws while driving or occupying a Company car may result in suspension or revocation of their Company driver’s privileges.
4.3 An employee or driver may be assessed for the loss or damage of a Company car if the loss or damage was caused while driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or reckless driving.

4.4 Drivers of Company owned, leased, rented or loaned vehicles are required to observe all local traffic regulations, and are personally responsible for any citations or fines. Individual drivers license history reports may be conducted by Transport Control Section and/or by individual departments, prior to issuance of the Company Driving Permit. Departments may also conduct periodic drivers’ license history reports of all departmental employees to insure compliance with Drivers Qualifications. Transport Control Section and/or individual departments may also, with just cause, perform intermittent drivers’ license history reports. Drivers with excessive or extreme traffic violations may be subject to the revocation or suspension of their Company driving privileges.

4.5 Company owned vehicles are to be licensed in accordance with country law, to include all motorized vehicles, trailers, or any other type of vehicle used for over the road applications. All licenses are processed by the Transport Control Section.

4.6 Liability insurance is provided for Company employees, students, agents of the Company, or volunteers operating Company car on official business. However, Company reserves the right to recover from an employee the amount expended to provide the defence and/or pay a settlement or final judgement, if it is shown that while acting within the scope of duty, the public employee acted
fraudulently or with intentional malice causing bodily injury, wrongful death, or property damage.
[Ref: The Motor Vehicle Ordinance (Amendment) 1988]

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