Personal Use of Company Vehicle – Company Car Policy

2.7 Personal Use of Company Vehicle Services : Vehicles are also available for personal use (subject to availability) after office hours and on holidays, for only employees with the designation of Senior Deputy Manager up to Senior Additional Manager.

This will be eligible for Personal Use of Company Vehicle Services at most twice per month per employee.The cost of this service is CU 500.00 per day all-inclusive. An employee who wishes to use this service must fill out the “Vehicle Requisition for Personal Use Form” and return it to HRD by at least 3:00 pm on the day before the journey. However, Department Head approval is not required.

Vehicles may only be utilized within Dhaka city, and requests outside Dhaka city will be considered on a case to case basis. If the vehicle is needed before 9:30 am, then the employee is required to provide the driver with a minimum of CU 50.00 for breakfast. If the vehicle is out during the lunch hour (between 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm) then the employee must provide the driver with a minimum of CU150.00 for lunch. Vehicles must be back on Company premises by 11:00 pm.

3.0 Vehicle Maintenance
Sonata Limited provides a reconditioned car to Managers- Grade Level II (and above). All car expenses (e.g. fuel, servicing, etc.) are borne by the Company.

The Company will provide car registration, fitness, insurance, and tax token services for all Company owned vehicles. The Company will also cover all maintenance and repair costs, which must be billed using the “Vehicle Expenses Reimbursement Form”, which should be submitted to HRD.

3.1 Log Books/Sheets
Log Books will be maintained by all managers’ drivers, on a mandatory basis, stating their mileage for appropriate repair and service work, when eligible. Log sheets will be maintained, on a mandatory basis, for all trips including Pick and Drop, Second Lift, and Sixth Day Pick and Drop Services. These log sheets will be maintained by the drivers and must be signed by the employee who has requested the vehicle.

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