The Four Key Elements of Just In Time System | JIT System

Just In Time System (JIT), nowadays, is followed in modern manufacturing arena. It provides many benefits to the organization if could be followed effectively. There are four Key Elements of Just In Time System (JIT)  which  ordinarily have some fundamental characteristics.

Four Key Elements of Just In Time System

1. Setup Time: An effective Just In Time System (JIT System) environment generally requires reduced setup time. Reduced setup time offers the capability to react swiftly to customer orders and shrinks the demand for safety stocks. So, it is considered under the  Key Elements of JIT Systems.

2. Plant Layout: JIT System offers enhanced plant layout. The layout of the manufacturing plant should be improved to decrease distances work-in-process should flow. In conventional layouts, all of the machinery of a comparable class are assembled together in one cost center or physical location.

For example, all of the granulation machines are ordinarily in one location and all of the compression machines in another. As a result, work-in-process must move lengthy distances between operations. There are a number of evils with this. At first, relocation of components around the plant results in unnecessary costs incurrence. Secondly, relocation leads waiting time. Thirdly, it is challenging to keep track of singular items when the inventory is scattered all over the production floor.

3. Flexible workforce. Workers should be multi-skilled in a Just In Time System environment, which is often organized into small “cells” that contain all of the equipment required to carry out many steps in the production process. Workers need to be able to use all of the various pieces of equipment in the work cell. Also, workers are typically expected to perform maintenance tasks on their own equipment and to do their own quality inspections. So, Flexible workforce is considered under the  Key Elements of
Just In Time System

4. Defect Rates: JIT technology ordinarily offers lower defect rates. An establishment must persistently endeavor for reducing the defects. Big numbers of defects entail that excess work-in-process be put into operations to ensure that there will be adequate defect less output to satisfy customer orders. Hence, defects must be taken care and possibly eliminated in a JIT environment. So, Defect Rates is also considered the  key elements of Just In Time System or JIT System.

Summarized Elements of JIT System

  1. Setup Time –>Reduction of setup time
  2. Plant Layout –>A product oriented plant layout
  3. Flexible workforce –> multi-skilled workforce
  4. Reducing Defect Rates –> continuous improvement by means of addressing fundamental problems and devising simpler systems to identify problem
  5. Eliminating waste

Advantages of Just In Time System | JIT System

Just In Time Systems are static in nature. JIT System is timely mapped. The various advantages of Just In Time System will include the following advantages:

1. Reduced Inventories :  The major Advantages of Just In Time System -where inventories are kept low and exactly what is needed. Keeps money from being idle. Lower inventory level means lower risks to handle, reduced  risk of potential losses due to obsolescence.

2. Reduced Throughput Time : Makes easier customer response time which ultimately ensures competitive advantages over other similar business. Reduced throughput ensures just in time production.

3. Ensures capacity utilization : Unnecessary space usage is freed up. Areas that were previously engaged for piling up inventories are made vacant for more productive purpose or uses.

4. Increases Quality : Since Defect rates are reduced at JIT System environment, quality is getting improved than before. Makes it much easier to swiftly discover and correct production problems. because of operating without huge work-in-process inventories. Excessive work-in-process inventories make it very tricky to identify and diagnose problems.

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