4 Pillars Of Successful ERP Implementation

Data Migration is a very important topic of every ERP implementation. There must have a practical strategy of the ERP implementing company in uploading it’s opening data into the system. If any mistake is done at this beginning step of data upload then the company has to suffer a lot at all upcoming days.

1. Be careful before uploading your first or opening Trial Balance into the ERP System. Check for all figures in current Trial Balance under your existing system. Any adjustment to be made before the upload. When uploaded, check again and again and tally whether it is matched with your given data. If not, make necessary adjustments before the system goes live.

2. Consider all Open Transactions and upload them carefully to meet your expectation. If open data is not carefully uploaded considering the future impacts then you have to suffer for long. Open data must cover all operational areas like procurements, payables, receivables, bank, projects, inventories, open invoices etc. If anything looks missing, make necessary adjustments or transactions before the ERP System goes live. Any mistake has no mercy once the system becomes live and fully functional.

3. You have to work more on data before going live so that you can enjoy post implementation rest. Otherwise you will burn in hell fire or drown in data sea. Most companies uploads their opening data very casually but a few do strong verification of their data before upload. The latter mentioned companies are likely to have sucessful implementations while earlier companies lost in datamines and take longer time to go truly live. Adjustments become their last resort, eventually.

4. Implementation partners are important factor of ERP System. If the company can ensure a knowledgable and dedicated team, ERP implementation is likely to be more successful. Combination of team and implementing partners should be at harmony. Lest all the investment in the ERP system will go burren. Only a new liability is the result. So make a good and practical strategy for data migration before making your data upload. If you feel this article is helpful, please share.




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