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How Snakes And Eagles Are Similar In A Food Chain

Eagle and snake are very different kinds of animals. Eagle is a bird and snake is a reptile. But in a food chain they are similar. They are carnivorous which means they both eat other animals to survive. They cannot produce energy by themselves. They depend on other animals in the environment.

Green plants like grass or shrubs produce energy from sunlight by means of photosynthesis. These green plants are eaten by other animals. Then these types of animals are eaten by carnivorous animals like snakes and eagles. So, in a food chain these snakes and eagles will be always at the top position.

But eagle will be above the snake in a food chain as beacause eagle eats snake. So from the above discussion we can say that eagle and snake are similar as they both are carnivorous animals and they both are at the top of the food chain.

Sun is the source of all energy. The energy comes from the sun in the mode of sunlight. Green plants like grass use this sunlight to produce energy for their survival. When these plants are eaten by other animals, the energy flows from plants to animals like frogs. When frogs are eaten by eagles energy flows from frogs to eagles.

In the environment, every creature depends on one another. This is natural symbiosis.

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