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Factors Determining the Design of a Product

Factors determining the Design of a Product : There are many factors which significantly affecting the design of a product. The contribution of these factors and their influence on the product should be duly considered while designing a product. The factors are:

(i) Customer‘s Requirements and Psychology effects : The product should be acceptable to the consumer and should satisfy his needs. It should create a good impression on the customer and generate his confidence regarding durability, quality and performance of the product.

(ii) Facility to operators : The designer must see that an operator is provided with all possible comforts and facilities in handling the operations involved in the product design. A complicated design may involve certain operations which the operator may not be able to perform efficiently or the nature of operations may be such that the operator is tired off soon and is able to produce less. Thus machines and tools to perform the operations prescribed in the design must be convenient and comfortable to handle

(iii) Functionality : The design should be such that the product is functionally sound. It should be able to perform the functions, for which it is made, to the complete satisfaction of the consumer. There should be proper co-ordination in its appearance and service to the consumer.

(iv) Material Requirements : The nature and quality of the materials have significant affect on the design of the product.The designer should have upto date information about new materials available to make the desired product. Industrial, scientific and technical journals as well as the consumer
of the product can provide necessary information in this respect.

(v) Work methods and equipment :The work method and equipment required to perform the operations specified in the design are of great Significance on the utility and viability of the design. The designer must be aware of innovations for improving the work methods and nature of the equipment. It is experienced that modifications in the work methods can Immensely influence the production costs. The product design should be such that there is sufficient adaptability and scope for improvement in work methods and type of equipment required for the operations involved in
production process.

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