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Characteristics of a Good Design

Product design is concerned with the form and function of a product. Form design involves the determination of what a product would look like, i. e. product’s shape and appearance, what it will be made of and how it will be made. Functional design deals with what the product will do and how it works. Functional design the first requirement of a good product design.

Characteristics of a Good Design

A good product design should possess the following characteristics

(i) Repairability : The design of the product should be such that it is easily repairable whenever necessary.

(ii) Modular design : The products should be composed of detachable components or sub-assemblies so that whenever any part or component fails, that part is replaced by a new one.

(iii) Redesigning Capability : Old products are continually being redesigned and new products are developed. Soon after new products or processes are accepted with great enthusiasm, the more practical executive starts to consider modifications of factors that can adopt the new creation to manufacturing techniques, materials and standard components of proved effectiveness and value.

Changes in the design should be made only for important reasons. These may be in the form of (i) new drawings, (ii) new operations list, (iii) new tools or machines and (iv) may make the stock obsolete.

(iv) Miniaturization : Moore says, “If your product is room size, make it desk size; if it is of desk size, make it portable. When you cannot shrink any more, pack twice as much power into it”. For industry in general we can say “Make it smaller and lighter in weight”.

But there is also some limit to miniaturization. Everything cannot be miniaturized. Bed cannot be smaller‘than the size of a person, the keys of typewriter cannot be smaller than the finger tips etc.

Sometimes the whole product may not be miniaturized but some parts or components of it may be reduced in size, with affecting its functional ability.

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