Difference Between General Ledger And Factory Ledger

What are the sources do you think are there other than General ledger and Factory ledger in order to record actual factory overhead? Look at a snapshot below:

Factory Journal. The factory journal facilitates the posting process when cost accounts are kept in a separate ledger rather than in the general ledger. In such instances, all cost transactions involving factory cost accounts are entered in the factory journal using factory journal vouchers. The factory journal is posted to the factory ledger. To avoid duplication and to provide self-balancing, reciprocal accounts are used. Use of these reciprocal accounts was described in .

General Journal. Factory overhead transactions are also accumulated in the general journal with perhaps a special column for factory overhead. To avoid the recording of too many items in a general journal, special journals, such as materials requisition and payroll journals, are used.

Ledgers Used for Summarizing Factory Overhead. Ledgers used for summarizing factory overhead are: (1) the general ledger and (2) the factory ledger.

General Ledger. The general ledger used in accounting for overhead items is the same as that used in accounting for other transactions. It is a collection of accounts used to summarize various amounts for an accounting period and to reflect certain balances at the end of a period.

Factory Ledger. A factory ledger is often used along with a general ledger. Cost accounts as well as any other accounts pertaining to factory operations are removed from the general ledger and placed in a separate factory ledger. Factory Overhead Control Account. Overhead accounts are kept in the general ledger only when accounts are not too numerous; otherwise, the system becomes unwieldy. Because the number of expense accounts is ordinarily quite large, it is customary to have a factory overhead control account in the general ledger and individual overhead accounts in a factory overhead subsidiary ledger. The relationship between the factory overhead control account and its subsidiary ledger is the same as that between the accounts receivable control account and its subsidiary ledger.

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